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What would you like to see in the next dex?
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Default What would you like to see in the next dex?

Personally I think Broadsides should have the Slow+Purposeful standard, and if that's too much to ask, then T5. They don't stand a chance against Havoc or Dev. Squads. Last game I played they were able to down 2 Predators (the ones with the 3 Las Cannons) before they got fiery lascannon retribution from a Dev. Squad. And that's with cover saves. I just don't like how they're only T4, I expect more from the heaviest battlesuit in the Tau arsenal.

Aside from my whining, how cool would it be for Gue'Vesa to be a Codex troop choice. Just for the additional fluff and for the sake of not carrying around a packet to justify those 'Guardsmen with Tau stuff' on them.

Power Weapons for Shapers? I'd be all over that if I could.
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