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Tau Light Aerial Gunship
Old 26 Dec 2007, 04:08   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tau Light Aerial Gunship

Alright I need to explain a little about my idea here.

After my crazy Tau Titan project, I plan to make a Tau equivalent of a Vulture for my Tau forces solely for an Apoc game. If the design proves to be a success, I can branch out and make an Air Cavalry Gue'vesa army with more Vultures and Valkyries (Tau equivalents), and thus enabling to field a very interesting army (Air Cavalry) that can also be used for a normal game with IA rules.

But I need to know the size of a Valkyrie for the project to be a success. So for those who are familiar with these vehicles, please help me realize this project.

P.S: If this is in the wrong board, could the mods please move it to the more appropriate section of the Forum? Thanks.
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Old 26 Dec 2007, 10:19   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau Light Aerial Gunship

the valkyries are 12inchs long nose to tail by 9 1/2 inchs wide tip to tip at the wings

the vulture looks to be about the same size
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Default Re: Tau Light Aerial Gunship

wouldn't it be possible to just use devilfish? they are, in function, valkyries- what is the point of anything else? (just for fun, because if its just for fun then... well i guess i'll stop writing)
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Default Re: Tau Light Aerial Gunship

I agree with Calmsword here.

As per physics, it's theoretically impossible for anything to "float on an anti-gravity cushion".

Either the Devilfish is using something other than anti-gravity to keep itself levitating off the ground, or it is using anti-grav technology and can theoretically operate in much the same manner as a modern helicopter/40k Valkyrie/Vulture, only with transatmospheric capability (provided the engines can operate in vacuum) and a much higher top speed than portrayed by Forge World.

For reference, see this post for reference.
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Default Re: Tau Light Aerial Gunship

The point here is not to create what would actually be used. Its to make something thats cool frankly most players already have enough devilfish, they want something different. And more cool looking. For an easy devilfish conversion look up Grey Death's Razer fish, or for a more vulture like conversion look up his manatee.
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Default Re: Tau Light Aerial Gunship

Originally Posted by Doombringer
I agree with Calmsword here.

As per physics, it's theoretically impossible for anything to "float on an anti-gravity cushion".
No it's not. It's just we humans can't do it yet. Don't make assumptions about physics. I learned recently that we have been teleporting laser beams 15km for the last 3 years.

Yes actually making a laser beam jump instantiously faster than the speed of light. This comes from quantum entanglement and their are 'ideas' bashing around that entanglement may be the dark matter and dark energy dimensions of this world.

Never say anything is impossible with physics. Dark Matter can do some seriously strange things...the trouble is it's dark, so we can't use it (yet :).

EDIT: With statments like the above you'd probally not believe me hence;


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Old 27 Dec 2007, 16:59   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau Light Aerial Gunship

What he was saying is that anti-gravity isn't a "cushion" and you don't "float" on it. Anti gravity, even in theory, is a way of suspending the force of gravity as it applies to a given object, say a fighter craft. If anything it would be a field of force surrounding the vehicle, such as electro-magnetism, which interacts with the magnetic field of a physical object such as a planet and "repels" the object away from said object, allowing it to float above the object. A cushion of anti gravity is sheer nonsense. Any object floating on said cushion would be blown off by the smallest gust of wind, fall off the side because gravity was still affecting it and not the cushion... imagine a bar of soap on top of a wet ball and you'll see how ridiculous an anti grav cushion would be.
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Default Re: Tau Light Aerial Gunship

Well dark matter could act as anti-gravity. It does not like to clump together (not talking about dark stars or and of those things, I'm talking about the tiny little specks through out space) ordinarily so if you found a way of getting it all together than it would have an anti-gravity feild so it could act as an atmospheric flyer.

But the energy to do that itself would be tremendous and so the Devilfish would only have a limited capability and would have to rely on it's engines and fans to take up the slack, could explain Forge World's speed.

On topic if you want to make a drop ship I would use the devilfish frame and engines as the main body. Also I would not copy the design on the Vulture only with Tau bits. But used a different aproach. Like a Pelican from Halo. It looks like the already existing Orca but with wings and smaller.

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