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Double TL Crisis Suits?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Double TL Crisis Suits?

On the famous Mech Tau Tactica, the following suit is mentioned

Helios 6 (AI): [TL Plasma Rifle, TL Fusion Blaster, HW Multitracker]
Designed to engage hard targets like Termies and Tanks up close and personal. Best run as a Shas'el allowing you to get close under the cover of his IC status.

How is it possible to have 2 twin-linked weapons?
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Default Re: Double TL Crisis Suits?

it isnt. the most you can have is three. special rules prob, or different varient of suit
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Default Re: Double TL Crisis Suits?

Yeah, that's either a typo or written by somebody who doesn't have any understanding of the codex rules.
Waldo Pepper

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Default Re: Double TL Crisis Suits?

Lets not nit pick now! Pm T0nka Truck Driver and he amy be able to fix it/tell you if its a typo etc. as he was one of the makiers of that site! hope you dont mind T0nka!

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