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Heavy Slots
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Default Heavy Slots

In a high point game with one of the heavy slots filled with sniper drones what would be more effective in the other 2 slots... 2 teams of 3 Broadsides or 2 Hammerheads (1 Rail, 1 Ion)? Most everyone I play against fields Marines or Chaos and spams me with Lascannons in high point games.
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Default Re: Heavy Slots

personally, i'd use one of each. probably an ionhead with multi-tracker and a broadside team with shield drones, but it depends on how many points you have left...
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Default Re: Heavy Slots

More sniper drones? Cause then those Lascannons are wasted...Or Broadsides with shield generators...
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Default Re: Heavy Slots

I like the Sniper Drones but I don't really want any more of them. Besides I need to field those high str guns to fight the Oblits, Predators, and Land Raiders they commonly field. Right now I have 1 BS team and 1 Hammerhead and they tend to assualt the BS as soon as possible while firing every heavy weapon they have at the HH untill it's dead.

Right now I'm thinking another BS team to replace the HH - to increase raw fire power - or another HH to replace the BS team and have them work as a team.
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Default Re: Heavy Slots

I prefer the BS teams over the HH in a static army. More shots with a stable base line. Also, if you have an Etherial, have him join the BS team (Hopefully he's equiped with an Honour Blade, EMP Grenades, Hard-wired Drone Controller and two Sheild drones :P), that way they get to use his Ld stat for Target Priority. You could always give them the A.S.S. to help them move around, and the Team Leader/Shas'vre Shield Drones to help them survive and still keep up their fire power.

If you're going to take two HH, take and IonHead and a RailHead. They can work with eachother better than two RailHeads (I think). The IonHead takes out Raptors and any other assaulting units and the RailHead takes out the tanks and big stuff.

Also, if you're not against Forge World products, the PlasmaHead is wonderful! A great alternitive for the IonHead that'll be able to take out those Obliterators. Also, taking the XV-81 as a Shas'o is a great addition to your BS team. He already has a SMS, just give him an AFP and a MP, HWMT, IA, HWDC and two Shield Drones. He'll do the same thing as the Ethereal, but add some fire power to the unit.
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