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Weapons Descriptions and Primary Uses
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Weapons Descriptions and Primary Uses

I recently came across a summary description of the uses of the various weapons in the Tau arsenal, but now cannot find it again. Can anyone help me? I've sought combinations of "weapon*, summary, description, use, tactics", et cetera, all to no avail.

It was a very simply list in the style of name and use, i.e.:

Plasma Rifle: "Use for armoured infantry."
Burst Cannon: "Use for massed infantry."
and so on.

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Default Re: Weapons Descriptions and Primary Uses

Well, most of the stuff is self-evident, anyway.

The problem is not describing a weapon in one short-sentence; the problem is mastering its application. It is of course obvious that a Fusion Blaster is an excellent choice against most vehicles; how it is applied on said vehicles is another matter entirely, and can`t be described in a short sentence.

Besides, even using a weapon which might - at first glance - not be ideal for a job can be quite good at it - for example, MPs against Marines. Sure, they get their save, but if you TL and TA them, you nearly auto-hit, wound most of the time, and force therefore loads of saves.

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Default Re: Weapons Descriptions and Primary Uses

Missile Pods: "Used for killing anything with an armour value of under 14"
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Default Re: Weapons Descriptions and Primary Uses

Well, I'll take a shot at it. It's really not too hard to figure out, though, just by looking at the AP value of the weapon. That's the most obvious clue what it's good for.

Pulse Rifle: static firing line against light infantry, or rapid-fire in Fish of Fury
Pulse Carbine: used for a more mobile force and against the few pinnable armies out there
Burst Cannon / smart missiles: light infantry. vehicle rear armor if you can get it
broadside railguns: otherwise-indestructible tanks, then anything with 2+ armor saves.
hammerhead railgun submunition: light infantry or anything else with 4+ armor or worse.
ion cannon: heavy infantry, particularly marine equivalents
fusion blaster: deep-strike against tanks. or monstrous creatures
plasma rifle: monstrous creatures, heavy infantry. light vehicles in a pinch
flamer / ABF, cyclic ion blaster: horde armies
missile pods: vehicles, light infantry. even decent against heavy infantry because it's such a nice general-purpose weapon.
seeker missiles: vehicles, then marine-equivalents that you want dead RIGHT NOW.

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