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WYSIWYG vehicles
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Default WYSIWYG vehicles

I know what WYSIWYG stands for and what it's for, but is it spelled out anywhere how nuts you have to go with it? I'm considering going to Adepticon in April, but it's a WYSIWYG tournament and I've seen some horror stories here about being disqualified for not modeling stuff that doesn't have any plastic to represent it: A.S.S. for broadsides, TA for devilfishes, and etc.

Also, since I often run two fire warrior teams with devilfish, can anybody recommend a good way to model which transport goes with which squad? I usually start the warriors on the ground with the 'fishes nearby, but the 'fishes often move quite a distance out to kill something. I need to make sure (and my opponent needs to be sure I'm not cheating) that the right 'fish picks up a squad if necessary.

Here are my ideas for what to model if necessary. B.A.S.S. would be spare grenades on bits of extra sprue, representing computer-controlled counterweights (if I can keep it from looking stupid, anyway). I made a "marker beacon" for my pathfinders' devilfish out of a spare crisis suit base, 2 of those extra bits from the stealth team, and the back end of the devilfish burst cannon (picture on request). Flechette dischargers could be more spare grenades or the cones from the Battle for Macragge energy fence things.

I have no idea on vehicle Multi-Trackers, Targeting Arrays, and Decoy Launchers. Am I likely to be called on their absence? Does it make a difference that forgeworld actually makes a kit for some of them?

Thanks in advance, all.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG vehicles

I think you'll probably be fine without modelling extensive vehicle upgrades, as long as you tell them. On the Tau vehicle sprue there are two things, one is sensor spines and the other is... I'm not even sure, I don't use it.

As for what 'Fish goes with what squad - just number them. One and two. My two Fish mounted Fire Warrior squads (I have two other fish mounted squad but they're obviously separate because they're A) converted or B) have carbines) have the shoulder pad that isn't the big one a different colour for each squad, and my Fishes are numbered. So I say "Red squad is in Fish 1, White is in 2, Carbines in 3, converted in 4." Easy =)
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Default Re: WYSIWYG vehicles

FW have made a Decoy launcher/flechette discharger ser for the Tau (all of my vehicule has them) they aren't too expensive. The Decoy launcher looks like 2 small, flatten half-circle that are glued to the back, on both side of the the hatch.

The MT and TA, I honestly have no clue what to do there though sorry.

If your Fire Warrior leader are distcinct enough you could put him in the devilfish and voila instant squad Id.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG vehicles

knightperson, Here are a couple ideas for you.

1) I took the beacon thing from the stealth suit sprue and cut off the small cylinders to represent Multi-trackers (used this on all my skimmers and XV 8, there is also smaller ones on the Plasma Rifle) this way they are all the same across the Army then theres no questions about it.

2) I used the TA provided with the HH DF kits (sensor spine) to keep the same theme on my XV8 I used the sensor spines from the gun drones.

3) I using the Command Sensor Sprue to represent the Marker Beacon for the Pathfinder Team.

If you would like I could take pictures of them when I get back from playing today (Sat)
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Default Re: WYSIWYG vehicles

On many of the vehicle upgrades (same with the crisis suit ones) it is absolutely retarded to stick advanced computer systems sticking out of the outside of the vehicle, what GW were thinking, I don't know. My Deathrain Targetting Arrays, if called on them, are represented by advanced target acquisition computers, improved control nodes etc, that sort of thing, and all internally wired to the suit/vehicle.

So don't worry about it - anyone calling you and not letting you use something like that is not worth playing.

As for ASS, I used FW broadsides which look more stable, and again, you can just represent them with "Improved internal Gyroscopes" for example.

On the Devilfish matter, I have painted the small, right side shoulder of my fire warriors the same as some of the plated armour on the top of the "neck" of the fish - so far I have Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Green Fish. Simple, and you can tell at a glance what squad owns it.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG vehicles

I o things similairlyto rafe it would appear. The only major difference is every squad in my army has its own pattern when it comes to sept markings (this is suggested in the codex). The transport baring that squad has enlarged version of the same marking one it, usually on th nose cone.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG vehicles

The simplest way would be to paint the Devilfishes differently. That is what I do. In addition, the squad leaders are modeleed very differently so that if anyone wants o know which squad belongs to which one, they will know as the both the color scheme and the shas'ui will tell them.

As for the upgrades, just say that it is internalized or something. It is way easier than just making some weird conversion only to get disqualified for it.
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