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[BatRep]Friendly Game, Tau and Dark Eldar vs. Eldar. 1000pts
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Default [BatRep]Friendly Game, Tau and Dark Eldar vs. Eldar. 1000pts

Well, we were bored the other day. The we being my friends, an Eldar player and a very new-to-the-game Dark Eldar player. So we decided to play a random friendly game. The DE player and me would take 500 pts each and fight the Eldar player, with 1000 points. Now, a couple days later, I've decided to right a report on it, although I cannot give exact details on our army lists... Just an approximation.
1 Shas'el commander, with Missile Pod, Cyclic Ion blaster, targeting array, and some wargear.
8 Fire Warriors, 1 Shas'ui FW with bonding knife and markerlight.
10 Kroot
1 Ion Cannon Hammerhead with various upgrades.
2 Deathrain Crisis Suits

Autarch on a Jetbike
3 shining spears
A squad of Harlequins
10 Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent
12 Guardians, with a Shuriken cannon
2 Vibro Cannons
1 War Walker, with a shuriken cannon and something else.

Dark Eldar
A squad of Warriors on foot
A squad of Warriors in a Raider
A squad of Wyches in a deepstriking Raider
A homunculus, with a flamer and scissor hands.

The Eldar got first turn.

Eldar Turn 1
The Wave Serpent moved forward and failed to draw a bead on the Raider, while the Jetbikes screamed up 18 inches to claim their invulnerable save with turboboosters. The Warwalker moved up and fired its shuriken cannon at the Kroot, which did nothing due to their cover save. The Eldar player forgot to fire the vibro-cannons.

Tau/DE Turn 1
I sent my Ionhead straight up the centre, staying just out of Shining Spear Range, counting on its AV 13 to deal with the Eldar Missile Launcher mounted on the Waveserpent. My static Fire Warrior team stood still, keeping a bit of cover from a fallen log. I sent my Crisis Suits, as well as my Shasíel, off to the right, to see what havoc their missiles could play with the incomming jetbikes, 3+ invulnerable or not. The Dark Eldar player moved her Raider up the left hand side to take a shot at that Wave Serpent with its Dark Lance. My Kroot stayed where they were, ready to take some pot-shots at the Warwalker with their rifles, and the Warriors move up.
Finally, it was the shooting phase. The Raiderís Dark Lance immobilized the enemy transport... however, its vectored engines prevented it from dying, unfortunately. My Fire Warriors were just in range of the Warwalker with their markerlight, and they tagged it. My Ionhead proceeded to wipe it off the map with its main gun. With a volley of missiles, the Crisis suits destroyed one of the incomming jetbikes.
My Crisis suits, a bit nervous about being assaulted, jumped back.

Eldar Turn 2
The Jetbikes continued undaunted, making a beeline for my Crisis Suits. They remained out of range, however, and the bikes ducked behind some ruins. A group of dire avengers piled out of the downed transport, heading forward, ending at the edge of their range to the Kroot. The Guardiens moved up towards the space-chickens as well, while the Harlequins continued forward, tripping over their feet and fleet-of-footing one inch. The Wave Serpent fired its Missile Launcher, wiping out the pathetically armoured Raider in a single blast, and the Vibro-cannons stunned my Hammerhead. What? Auto-glance? COME ON! Guardiens fired their shuriken cannon platform at my Kroot, which missed completely. The Dire Avengers proved to be two inches out of range of said Kroot. At least most of the DE warrior squad survived the Raiderís destruction.

So far, things were looking reasonably good, except for my stunned tank. At this point, my first priority was those jetbikes. Their speed, tankbusting attacks, and power weapons were a major danger to my Crisis suits and my hammerhead. Thankfully, the suits proved equally dangerous to them!

Tau/De Turn 2
I started off by making use of the Landing Gear on my Hammerhead to block the Wave Serpentís line of sight to my battlesuits. If I canít move or shoot, might as well make use of it somehow. I donít actually know how long an Eldar Missile launcherís range is, and I was too lazy to ask. At any rate, my battlesuits moved into position, with my Shasíel remaining separate from the Deathrain squad. The Dark Eldar warriors on foot moved up once again to hold down the left flank, claiming a nice 4+ cover save from the barricades. The Kroot, growing bored of being shot at, made a difficult terrain test, leapt over the barricades, and entered rapid-fire range. Unfortunately, they did not roll high enough to get within six inches of the Guardiens. I would have preferred to Assault. Unfortunately, the 2nd Raider failed to enter the battlefield this turn.

My Kroot rapid-fired the guardiens, aiming poorly and killing two. Awesomely, though, the Fire Warriors pegged another three from exceedingly long range. My Battlesuits unleashed all they had against the jetbikes, managing to destroy another one with a Ďsixí on the Shasíelís cyclic ion blaster, and forcing a morale check! Unfortunately, two remained, including the Autarch, and things looked bad for my battlesuits. I canít believe all those Missiles did nothing...

In the assault phase, my battlesuits jumped back, trying vainly to put a bit more distance between them and the jetbikes. Iím pretty sure they were still within assault range. Thankfully, I wouldnít have to find out!

Eldar Turn 3
The Shining Spear and the Autarch immediatly rolled double sixes on their morale check, falling back... Three inches. Triple ones. -.-í But it still saved my battlesuits, so I canít complain. The Harlequins proceeded on their slow way forwards, still completely safe due to their veil of tears. Just to be safe, the secondary Eldar HQ (which I hadnít noticed until this point) cast Fortune on them. Iíll add him to the diagrams, now that Iíve seen him. ~.^ The Dire Avengers moved around, trying to get behind los-blocking ruins.
The Wave Serpant fired on my Hammerhead, doing nothing, and those annoying vibro cannons shook it. Well, I guess being able to move is an improvement. The Guardiens, expecting the avengers to defeat the charging space chickens, fired their shuriken cannon at the DE warrior squad, killing one. The Dire Avengers emptied their guns into my Kroot, but due to some exceptionally bad shooting, four out of the ten managed to survive! Bad news for the Guardians.

Tau/DE Turn 3
The battlesuits moved farther back, once again getting a bead on the leftover jetbikers. My Ionhead backed off a bit, accomplishing nothing due to its shaken-ness. The second DE Raider Deepstruck, landing directly behind the immobilized Wave Serpent. The Fire Warriors, unable to see anything to shoot, stopped hiding behind the log and moved directly forward, hoping that the Harlies would wander into Rapid-Fire range. And of course, the DE troops continued to move up, firing their splinter cannon at the guardiens, which proved completely ineffectual.

The Raider fired its Dark Lance through the arches of the ruins it had landed behind, striking the rear armour of the enemy transport and destroying it. The Deathrains and the Shasíel rained more missiles down on the jetbikes. The Eldar player put a wound on the Autarch, rather than lose another bike.

Finally, the heavily outnumbered Kroot charged the Guardiens, losing one of their own and killing one of them.

At this point, we realized that the DE Player had forgotten to unload her witches. Then a short argument over whether she was even ALLOWED to do this ensued. Regardless, they didnít unload.

Eldar Turn 4
The Eldar Dire Avengers moved in towards the poor DE Warriors, and, big surprise, the Harliquins moved up. The Jetbikes, re-grouping, charged towards my fire warriors, unable to make it to assault range of anything, or get anywhere near my battlesuits. This turned out to be a good idea, though, due to the dice.

The Vibro Cannons absolutely annihilated the poor Raider, killing the majority of the Wyches, and entangling the rest. The two jetbikes fired Lasblasters and Shuriken cannons and, somehow, four Fire Warriors, failed their armour saves. Oddly enough, the Eldar player decided not to shoot at the DE. He was concerned that if he shot, and then charged, heíd wipe out the squad, and would be shot to pieces by the other squad and possibly my tank.

So he charged the Dire Avengers in. Here, the DE failed utterly, killing only two to the Avengerís four. I thought DE were supposed to be GOOD in close combat. ):

One Kroot died. One Guardian died. 0.o

Tau/DE Turn 4
The Fire Warriors started things off by failing their morale check, then running out of range of anything. How annoying. The other squad of DE warriors moved towards the melee, and everything in my army capable of moving charged towards those jetbikes. The Wyches, unforunately, couldnít do anything due to being entangled.

Everything I had opened fire on the Autarch and his buddy. When the smoke cleared, there was nothing left. This was due to the tankís burst cannons, which caused only one wound (his last remaining), which he failed to save against. W00t! The DE Homunculus fired his flamer-thingie into the Harlies, killing three, then charged them.

The Homunculus, now in close combat, died instantly. The battle raged back and worth between the Dire Avengers and the Warriors, most of whom were out of range to attack, swinging in the Eldarís favour.

One Kroot died. One Guardian died. zomg. Then, I looked at my watch and realized that I had 10 minutes to get to my job. So we stopped there.

-Itís likely that, had the game continued, our side would have won. The only Eldar unit left that presented a true danger to my remaining units were the Vibro-Cannons which, with any luck, the Wyches would have destroyed. The Dire Avengers would have likely been crushed by sheer numbers, and the Guardian squad had been reduced to insignificane.
-Raiders should never deepstrike.
-Webways and DE Jetbikes are both more useful than deepstriking Raiders.
-Vibro Cannons Aulma me off.
-Itís very difficult to construct a working Ďarmyí with only 500 points.

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Default Re: [BatRep]Friendly Game, Tau and Dark Eldar vs. Eldar. 1000pts

A very nice report, too bad nobody commented everyone must have been away for the holidays (I know I was). Have a cookie +1!

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