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Starting out with Tau
Old 20 Dec 2007, 16:45   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Starting out with Tau


I've jsut started collecting models to build a Tau army and would like to know if the Tau Empire Megaforce box is worth picking up?

For those that don't know what it contains, I've listed it below.

2 VX8 Crisis Suits
3 Stealth Suits + Marker Drone
20 Fire Warriors
6 Gun Drones
3 Piranha's
1 Devilfish APC
1 Hammerhead

I thought to start out with this and add a Sniper Team as well for my first purchase, figuring I could muster a 1000 pt. army list out of those models.

Thoughts, suggestions, and feedback are encouraged~!
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Default Re: Starting out with Tau

I think it's good because it's cheaper than buying them all seperately and you get a good balanced force
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Default Re: Starting out with Tau

All the units are good starting units, but some will need tweaking.

One of the xv8s needs to be the commander. The other could be his bodyguard, a second commander, or a lone xv8 elite slot. the body guard or elite choice options I would add another 2 bodies to the unit. Units of 3 are nice.

The stealths need to be 5 or 6 strong. Its about weight of numbers with these guys, the more burst cannon shots you can roll the better.

20 Firewarriors will become 2 squads of 10, or 3 squads of 7 (use spares and the hammerhead tank commander for the extra one). 3 Squads with shas ui with marker light and target lock gives you 3 marker light shots. Nice!

Gun drones - deepstrike unit, target rear armour of tanks. Only use i see for these.

3 Piranhas - Obviously these are to sneak around the side and rear of enemy tanks, shoot the tanks that have been lit up by the markerlights. Few seekers would be nice.

1 Devilfish - I'd either buy the hammer head sprue on mail order for this, or buy pathfinders for it.

1 Hammerhead - Its all good! Give it decoy launchers and multitracker. Always take Smart mssiles.

I wouldn't go for the sniper team straight away, I'd look at xv8s/pathfinders/hammerhead turret sprue options first.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Default Re: Starting out with Tau

Great insight! I will take it to heart.

That pretty much sold me on the value of the Megaforce, which I will start with. Once I get some more disposable income under my belt, I'll pick up a few more XV8's, a Pathfinder group and that should do me

Thanks for the help .... and anyone else that wants to throw their 2 cents worth in, please do so ... the more info I have the better I'll be~!
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Default Re: Starting out with Tau

I got that box to start out as well. I use the fusion on the Pirhanas and I recommend some more firewarriors. Simply because they're like guardsmen. Good luck on your Tau! I hope to see some army lists and pictures of paint jobs.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Starting out with Tau


I just made a deal with a buddy of mine, and he's selling me his Tau army w/ Codex for $100! Added to this I'll get the Battalion Box and my wife is getting me a Pathfinder regiment and Sniper Drone Team for Christmas!!!

All total I'll have the following:

1x Farsight
1x HQ XV8
4x XV8 Crisis Suit
3x Stealth Team w/ Marker Drone
32x Fire Warriors
12x Kroot
1x Hammerhead
1x Devilfish
4 ~ 8x Gun Drones (not sure exactly)
7x Pathfinders
1x XV88 Broadside
1x Sniper Drone Team

If that's not a good start to a Tau army, really I don't know what is
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