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Flying Units
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Default Flying Units

Ok, so how do units like the Tigershark AX-10 and manta work. I have read the Forgeworld Rules on them, but was wondering what the GW rules were on them. I also want to know when tau flying units are legal to use in play, outside of asking your opponent of course.
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Default Re: Flying Units

If you've read the rules in IA3, then you know it all. Unless you plan to play Apocalypse, which I know nothing about.

Keep in mind that all Tau flyers, bar the Barracuda, are super-heavy, and thus require their own FOCs.
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Default Re: Flying Units

GW don't have rules on them, unless its released in a GW Datasheet. Which is unlikely. The FW rules are the ones you would use in normal games, and if you're playing Apocalypse, then you use the IA Apocalypse rules.

I guess the difference are that GW rules are official, and they just don't have 'official' rules for models like these that they don't even make. FW make these models and make rules that are 'almost official' - in that you just have to get your opponents permission before you can use them; though in most tournaments Imperial Armour rules aren't allowed.
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