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Fighting space marines 1000 points
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Fighting space marines 1000 points

Yea... so my friend will be playing marines and he has a pretty good strategy

He uses scouts to hold my guys off then rushes in with jetpacks, a rhino filled with guys and the tacticals on foot... I am really scared.. what do i do?

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Default Re: Fighting space marines 1000 points

First of all, it kind of depends on what troops you have available. Troops-wise, you could go a number of ways, here are some tips...

1) Suit heavy - plasma rifles will shred marines, especially when forced to advance over open terrain (see deployment below). Failing that, Burst Cannons and missile pods will force lots of 3+ saves and Fusion blasters are effective as a last line of defence (but not ideals as short ranged).
2) Mechanised Fire Warriors - Fish of Fury tactics should render your opponent's apparent mobility less useful, with a well placed skimmer wall your fire warriors should be able to unload a world of hurt.
3) Combined Arms approach (Hybrid) - give your opponent a choice between tackling one or the other of the above. You'll have slightly lower efficiencies in either area, but will be better able to lead your opponent by the nose.

Deployment - I find this is key with Tau, whether you're suit heavy or static. Either way you should use open terrain to your advantage, forcing your opponent to cross it whilst maintaining a good field of fire for your own shas'la. Lack of cover makes your low AP weapons more efficient. Basically, force him to fight on your terms and you already have an advantage.

Most important is not to be too intimidated by your opponent. There's always a counter to every tactic he can come up with, and incorporating this into your army is what makes it a true all-comers force.
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Default Re: Fighting space marines 1000 points

Firstly roll for mission and level. It says at the start of the mission sections this is how you're suppose to play 40k.

Rolling for alpha will stop his scouts infiltrating. Rolling for Omega means escalation is in play it means his rhinos/jump packs will have to come on from his board edge as reserves.
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Default Re: Fighting space marines 1000 points

ok first what army do you use? Static, Hybrid, mobile.. etc..

I use static.. I've never lost a game to marine with this army, including basically the same army you are talking about. I have lost to Chaos Marines but that army isn't legal anymore (Daemon Prince upto 24" move, Bloodthirster, Dreadnought, Defiler and 16 Berzerkers)

I use
1 Shas'el w/ 2 Bodyguards 2 Shield Drones = All have Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-tracker and targetting computer.
1 Shas'el w/ 1 Bodyguard 2 Shield Drones = All have Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-tracker and targetting computer.

2 Broadsides (monat) team leader, 1 shield drone and A.s.s

3 Units of 6 Firewarriors

1 Unit of 10 Kroot

Kroot seek cover preferably woods and shoot, engage in hth if needed.

Firewarriors are roadblocks for enemies and provide fire.

Broadsides sit back and shoot, moving when its advantageous. (pick good fire lanes)

Crisis Suits - Always jump back behind cover or an intervening unit, none of your other units are as valuable as these, protect them. They have awesome maneuverability use it to get into the best spot for unloading on the enemy.

Missile pods have 36" range have 7 str, and 2 shots - they are awesome, wound marines on 2's and are great at killing most transports ie Rhinos, Plasma rifle is perfect for marines and killing light vehicles.

This army uses concentrated firepower to take out dangerous units, combined with sacrifice tactics (run a firewarrior unit forward if they are getting close to engage so when they kill the firewarriors they will be left in the open) this works really well, enemy units melt away in front of you.

Broadsides hit enemy vehicles, large units or just add to the concentrated fire.

Kroot are just great use their guns is the main thing their HTH abilities are useful but secondary.

This army has a few deficiencies like taking objectives quick but I find when the enemy are dead its really easy to take the objectives.

Worst enemy - Sisters of Battle - cheaper than marines so can get more of em, still have 3+ save and they are better at HTH, so their charge tactics are more effective.
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Default Re: Fighting space marines 1000 points

Tharasiph you have some pretty good advice if he plans on using a static army but I am pretty sure you are breaking TO's rules about statlines and GW copyright stuff. If I am wrong sorry about that.
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Default Re: Fighting space marines 1000 points

Actually Tharasiph sisters are afraid of tau more than the other way around. Tau can match mobility of sisters if they're mech or if the sister are mounted and the tau are static their pulse riffles can take a rhino per turn for every fw squad they have.

My strategy for facing assult marines is to blast them with missiles and plasma riffles then have kroot charge them, if that doesn't kill them they're in generally in rapid fire range of something. Before you can do that takeout the scouts with missile launchers so they get no save.

Hope this helps
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