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Commander Shadowsun
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Default Commander Shadowsun

I know this has been discussed in the past, but I haven't seen anything in the last year or so. I'm thinking it's fair game now. Here comes a barrage of Commander Superchick Shadowsun questions.

1. There was a rumor a while back that she and Aun'Va (who I don't care about) were being discontinued. Has anybody heard anything in the last year that would confirm or deny this?

2. She carries two Fusion Blasters, and can target two different enemies with them. If she chooses to fire both of them at the same target, is it still two shots or do they count as a single twin-linked in that case? I would think two shots is two shots, but I've been disappointed by silly rules before.

3. Her CnC drone specifies three types of rolls for which you can use her leadership. Are there any kind of leadership-based rolls that you can't apply her leadership to?

4. What do you do with her? As older posts have mentioned, she's a walking (jump-shoot-jumping?) contradiction: short-range tank-killing weapons, but a leadership bubble that is only good in the middle of your static firebase. Seems to me her best use would be keeping the firebase together, but running forward to clobber a tank or Monstrous Creature that is too tough for anything else to stop. It seems awfully expensive to only be able to use half of her abilities at a time, which leads to...

5. Is she worth it points-wise? She has some nice abilities, but she's quite a bit more expensive than a similarly equipped Shas'O.
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Default Re: Commander Shadowsun

All good question. I direct you here, to T0nkaTruckDriver's amazing tactica.
Originally Posted by Col.Angus
I picture the Ethereal looking out the window of the Devilfish from his seat: "Hey this isn't the way to Applebee's?! Where are you guys taking...Aw man, a battle?! Aw, you guys are total dicks, I swear! I'm still wearing my bathrobe! Can I at least have a gun? What do you mean you don't have any extra? What should I do, hit Khorne Berzerkers with my symbol of office? Man, you're gonna be sorry if I die... dicks."
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