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How to beat space marines with tau?
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Default How to beat space marines with tau?

Well the title tells it all but if u need to no i got a skyray, hammerhead, 31 kroot (3 of which are shapers) a krootox, 12 fire warriors, 3 stealth suits, a crisis, 10 drone (1's a markerlight). Thanks for the help in advance.

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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

Well I would say use the hammerhead as a railhead and concentrate on tanks, once they are dead pi-plate the troops. The Skyray should target transports, tough units, or stuff that should just die (devestators, oblitirators, etc.) Try to infiltrate one squad of kroot in cover, preferably woods, in a position were they can be a huge distraction or kill stuff that ignores them. The other squad should sit back as a counter-charge and help with fire since you have a krootox. The firewarriors should shoot or move on objectives once targets are destroyed. ( you probably should get a devilfish for them). Stealthsuits should support kroot and target regular marines or assault squads. Crisis suit should have plasma and whatever else you need depending on specific type of marines. The marker drone can go with stealths and launch seekers or help shooting. The drones should deep-strike (some may suggest against this) behind a tank and shoot rear armour or just cause a general distraction.

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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

please pay more attention to your spelling in the future, it irks some of us.

Anyway, my suggestion would be to swap your Skyray for another Hammerhead (you should have the bits), and give 'em both Ion Cannons. They have 3 shots apiece and they negate the Marine's armor save entirely, making it easy for them to put the hurt on any Marine squad. Another idea would be to use Sniper Drones, 3 units only take up 1 FoC slot and their Rail Rifles also take away the Marine's Armor save.

For Terminators, I find Plasma Rifles to be my biggest friends. Equip your Commander with one and maybe take a suit with Plasma Rifle/Fusion Blaster/Multi-Tracker. those 2 could lay some serious hurt on Terminator squads as they take away their precious 2+ armor save. Mind you they still have an invulnerable save.

Personally I also like to taxi a unit of Fire Warriors to a unit of no more than 3 Termies and rapid firing those bad boys to an early grave by forcing them to make lots and lots of armor saves. Eventually they'll fail those 2+ saves and die like everything else.

Land Raiders are a tough nut to crack, but not if you have Broadsides. They penetrate on a 4+ and on another 4+ the tank's destroyed. The odds don't get much sweeter than that.
If you can't afford to get Broadsides, try Piranhas with Fusion Blasters. For added fun, try to park it up in front of the front hatch to force any passengers inside to take the side hatches (ideally use 3 skimmers to block off all exit points and whatever's inside is killed instantly) Anyway, Fusion Blasters are your second best bet against this AV14 beast, since it's a melta weapon.

Finally Predators: their front armor is the same as our Hammerheads, but they don't have the same skimmer rule to protect them. Usually you'll find they're outfitted with only Lascannons, aka the Annihilator variant, which is sure to spell doom for your skimmers. Broadsides penetrate the front armor on a 3+, but the side is a 2+ for them. Another idea would be to try and get a Missile Pod to fire at its side arc. Missile Pods are a cheap weapon and often a good choice for your Commander to go with his Plasma Rifle. With a Missile Pod, glancing the side is done on a 4+, you CAN glance the front, but since that only happens on a roll of 6, it's unlikely and I wouldn't bother unless you had absolutely nothing else to shoot at.

Anyway, all other units (Landspeeders, Assault Squads, Bikes, Dreadnoughts) are easy pickings for Tau and you should have no problems dealing with them, just pack plenty of AP3 weapons, Missile Pods for Rhino's/Landspeeders/MAYBE Dreadnoughts (5+ to glance) and perhaps a Railgun or 2 for the heaviest tanks (Landraider/Predator)
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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

I fight my friend Steve's Ultramarines and Pre-Heresy Death Guard all the time, and I'll tell you, once you've taken out certain key features in a Marine army, the rest of it just falls apart.

Units to look out for would be Whirlwinds, they are the bane of everything not in XV battlearmor. Also can pin.
Bike squads are another trouble unit if your army is static, they're hard to wound and move faster than anything in your army.
Finally, Devestator squads. Crisis Suits are only T4 and can be instakilled by a simple krak missile =/

LARGE kroot squads are key. You need to buy more Kroot....I'd suggest making two 15-20man squads + hounds. They can tie up a lot and give your army the time it needs to reconfigure.
Sniper Drone teams are fantastic also, especially if you have a Pathfinder squad helping them with the Pinning.
Ethereals draw a lot of fire away from your other key elements, and with a 12man BS4 Fearless Honor Guard, they can soak up the fire. I give the Shas'ui a Markerlight+Target lock.
You need at least one team of Plasma+Missiles XV8's, they can take out scouts, transports, and most importantly Terminators.

Hope that helps
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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

I just recently added vespids into my army and realised i forgot to mention my pathfinders before they have pulse carbines. And a little embarrassing question how do you get pictures onto you're posts I tried to copy paste them but it didn't work. I have pictures of some of my army but can't display them because of this please help!
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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

Something to remember when fighting marines is that, one on one, unit to unit, they are all around better than you. Better shots, stronger, more resilient etc. I find the most effective way to beat marines is to use our superior mobility (devilfish, battlesuits, skimmers etc) to gang up on isolated marine units and rapid fire the smeg out of them. Pathfinders are a good choice here because they can markerlight said marine unit and make your shooting more effective.
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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

The most important thing when fighting marines is to have something that can get through their 3+ armor save. I'm a big fan of the deathrain suit, but here is where it doesn't work. You want at least one ionhead, an assortment of plasma rifles and fusion blasters on your crisis suits, and 2 or 3 broadsides in case they bring a land-raider to the party. Rail Rifles are also made to kill marines if you can deal with their lack of mobility.
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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

Everything seems to have been mentioned. However!

I think that Sniper Teams are very useful against Marines. Sure, it's been mentioned, but I feel that it's one of the two best solutions for dealing with Marines (Ionheads being the other)! Two teams, one on each side of your line, can really put a dent in Marine's armor and their battle plan. You have to remember that Rail Rifles pin! Sure, the obvious benefit is that they are high strength shots that negate power armor. But pinning has it's uses, even against high leadership units. Similar to rapid firing into terminators, if taken enough times a Marine unit will fail a pinning test or two.

After the unit is pinned, feel free to shoot 'em up, or focus your fire elsewhere - picking off squads one at a time.

And remember boys and girls; pinning means no assault. No assault makes the Tau happy!

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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

Hey dude,

Marines will be a little tricky for you, since your army is rather static, and you've got only 1 HH a 1 Crisis suit. You won't really be able to run, and you'll need to be careful with your few big guns.

Because you've only got 1 HH and 1 Crisis (HQ I guess), you prob won't have the luxury of and Ion cannon or mass Plasma. Keep your HH with the Railgun and just spam that thing at incoming Marines. As for your Crisis suit, I'd actually suggest you go with a Fireknife... just 'cos he'll be your Commander (thus high BS stat) and 'cos he's just 1 guy... don't risk him up close - have him whittle down attacking marines from 18-24'' with the stealth suits helping.

Play defensively if you can, with what you have, it'd be better if they came for you instead of the other way. If you have to attack, see if you can soften up a spot with sniping before going in with your tanks in front. Whatever you do, stay close to your Kroot and FWs and make sure they can support with shooting.

Also, in the future, you should try to expand your army with the various units everyone else has already suggested. Yes, and more Crisis/Stealth suits too.
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Default Re: How to beat space marines with tau?

To be honest Ive come up with different scenario applications to try.

For instance.

Shas`o/shas`el with cyclic ion blaster/plasma rifle.

BS 5, and a multitracker is mandatory for this.

The way I imagined this, you gain 6 inches on the fusion blaster, and it still has ap 1 potential to toughness 6. In addition, the 5 shots from the ion blaster (matched with BS 5) raises the potential of ap1 shots over the fusion blaster. Furthermore, matched with a plasma rifle, you would be firing a potential 7 shots all of which can put down marines/terminators or alternatively 7 shots that can ignore armor of hoarde lists.

if you dont like the cyclic ion blaster...its fair...but 1 marine dead pays for itself, a terminator pays for it double. If you matched it with a weapon designed to kill space marines, and terminators, youll have the potential to pay for your weapons, in addition to your commander.

Application 2

Human auxiliaries, or kroot.

My opponent targets my firewarriors, nearly always. However in static defense I keep reserves of human auxiliaries for the time of rapid firing (or an attempt to stall while I redeploy)

If you were to apply 2 squads of 8-10 humans, armed with pulse rifles even space marines could start feeling the heat, if you plan to unleash hell in an instant.

--the draw back to this....terminators eat lasgun fire, and crap out mustard gas, however even a marine drops to concentrated lasgun fire.


Terrorize before they get to the lines.

inflitration is incredible if you can control the route your enemy is going to come at.

You can tag team with stealth suits, and annoy the marines before they get to everyone else, or you can sacrifice kroot, to dwindle the marines.

If you feel towards a static list. deploy behind firewarriors, hell even human auxilaries and wait for your opponent to come to you. while everyone comes to you, rapid fire with everyone else and prepare the kroot for the next turn charge (hell even rapid fire with them if you liked).

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