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[Batrep] Factorum Alpha 3-Z, Tau vs Eldar 3000 pts
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Default [Batrep] Factorum Alpha 3-Z, Tau vs Eldar 3000 pts

The Mission: Take and Hold using Omega Rules
Ill list the units my opponent used as we go along as I had no idea what hed be taking until they actually turned up. for my own list, check out the Army Lists child board.
As we were playing escalation rules we were only allowed to deploy infantry units. The Tau Faire Warriors teams and Pathfinders deployed on the central hill where they had a commanding view of the most direct approach routes. The only problematic area for them would be the sprawling Factorum ruins to the east. These could give the fleet-footed Eldar their best means of getting close while keeping their heads down. The left flank was more open. The two Kroot kindreds took reponsibility for that, one deploying in the wood in the Tau Deployment zone and the other infiltrating deep into the ruins on that side of the board.

The Eldar deployed three Guardian squads across the back of the board, one directly opposite the hill-fortress my Fire Warriors occupied, one slightly to the left but beyond a large Tau obelisk, and the third even farther out behind some woods. It was this last squad that my Kroot were preparing to ambush. He also deployed Dire avengers centrally inside a building, the Farseer nearby. Fire Dragons took up position behind another wood ready to move up into the Factorum. The War Walker Squadron (all with Bright Lance, Scatter Laser combos) set up with a clear line of sight to the hill with all my fire warriors on it.
Turn 1
I won the roll for first turn and decided to take it, despite the fact that we were playing a take and hold mission. I had a fairly successful first shooting phase as the Kroot ambush went off well, killing three guardians in an 11 man squad before they could move into the woods (not that it would make any difference against an AP6 weapon). The Fire Warriors on the hill had good range on the large, fifteen man squad in the centre, but a shoddy use of markerlights meant that a mere five were downed. I could have stripped a lot more cover saves than I actually did. The Broadsides moved up onto the hill to draw a bead on the War Walkers, immobilising one of them. All squads held their nerve to return fire. The Shield Drones in my Broadside squad were stripped away and two Kroot went down in return.
Turn 2
We started rolling for reserves this turn and I was mightily relieved that some of my units were quite happy to turn up. I usually have dreadful luck with reserves. My Fireknife and Firestorm teams came on, each flanking the hill, the Fireknives lining up to take some pot shots at the War Walkers and the Firestorms staying reasonably out of trouble with their slightly more limited range. In addition two of my speedier units turned up, namely the Piranhas and the Vespid, both of whom moved into the Factorum complex. No one else was even remotely interested in moving just yet, so we opened up with some shooting. The two Kroot units (now both at least partially in range) took down a combined total of seven bodies in the Guardian unit, including the Warlock and leaving just one lonely Guardian to man the Missile Launcher, albeit whilst hot-tailing it back towards his own lines. The Fire Warriors, with a rather cannier approach to the use of markerlights, managed to wipe out the central guardian unit to a man. The Broadsides and Fireknives, with no markerlight support, managed to kill one War Walker and stun a second.

The Eldar reinforcements started turning up, and because he had an Autarch he was able to +1 to each reserves roll. Even so, he only managed to bring on the Autarch and his Warp Spider retinue along with a unit of Banchees and a unit of Scorpions (both in Wave Serpents). All these headed for the Factorum, followed by the Fire Dragons. It was already clear that this was where most of the fighting would take place. Their shooting managed to strip a fusion gun from one Piranha, then destroy it with an immobilised result and then stop a second from firing in the next shooting phase. Also entering play this thurn as a unit of Guardian jetbikes and a unit of Shining Spears, both of whom homed in on the Kroot holed up in the building, looking slightly doomed! Nevertheless, their shooting failed to bring down more than a couple as I had a scandalous roll on my cover saves. They used their jetbike move to drop back while the Dire Avengers started heading over to help them out.
Turn 3
On the left flank the Railhead made a timely arrival, laying a submunition shot on the Dire Avengers, all but two of which were saved by their cover. The Kroot failed their target priority test to shoot at the Shining Spears and were forced instead to fire on the lone Guardian. They failed to bring him down. The Sky Ray arrived in the centre and tried to markerlight the Warp Spiders, finding itself to be somewhat out of range. The Broaside team came into their own, bringing down a War Walker and stunning the last one. Out in the Factorum the Vespid surged forward, unloading their Neutron Blasters on the Warp Spiders and killing five with an extremly lucky roll (the Sky Rays markerlights were going to be insurance, if they had been in range I might have killed them all). The Piranhas fell back a little, unloading their Drones but ducking out of sight. Throughout the game my drones proved very fragile in their dangerous terrain tests, but in the grand scheme this wasnt too worrisome, ordinarily I rate them very highly and use them a lot, but at this level they were less of an asset. My Stealthsuits and Mechanised Fire Warriors came on moving up to reinforce the Vespid in the Factorum, but would not have any targets this turn.

In reply the Eldar brought on a second Guardian Jetbike squadron, which moved to the edge of the Factorum complex, and two Falcons. One of these moved up alongside the Wave Serpents (presumably to pick up the Fire Dragons when needed). This one managed to kill a Broadside. The other moved in to support the surviving Dire Avengers and combine with the Bright Lance Guardians to pick on the Railhead (which still managed to come out unscathed). The Jetbikes and Shining Spears closed on the Kroot once more, this time assaulting. One jetbike crashed on the way in and another was taken down in combat before the Shining Spears finished the job. The Kroot had done their job, winning their points back and then some before tying up two speedy units for two turns. In the Factorum the Autarch and his Warp Spider Exarch assaulted the Vespid, only for the bugs to strike first. They opted to bully the Autarch, putting a wound on him which he failed to save. Two wounds back meant they lost the combat but the Strain Leader held firm. The Fire Dragons, dismayed by the gruesome demise of the Spiders fell back towards the woods, having no viable targets this turn anyway.
With turn three over we had reached the half-way mark and things were looking fairly evenly matched despite the horrific casualties inflicted on the Eldar. The Banshees and Scorpions had stuck to their transports thus far, but surely they would be joining the fray soon. Only time would tell if their weight of numbers could turn the tide

Turns 4 onwards should be posted tomorrow.
Plunder of Penn IX sample rules here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,88254.0.html

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