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Batrep 1000 pt Tau VS Eldar
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Default Batrep 1000 pt Tau VS Eldar

This is an ongoing battle, the first 4 turns have been played, the other 2 will be played tomorrow.

The lists:
Ethereal w/ 12 Honor Guard
Shas'El with Missile Pod, Targetting Array, Drone Controller, 2 Gun Drones
Bodyguard with Missile Pod, Flamer, Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones
Devilfish (warfish) with 12 bonded Fire Warriors
10 Kroot
10 Kroot & 10 Hounds
Hammerhead with Ion Cannon, Burst, Multi-Tracker, Decoys, Target Lock and Targetting Array
Crisis with Twin Missile Pod, Targetting Array

Fire Prism (holo/spirit/whatever else)
Autarch on Jetbike
Wraithlord (shuri/brightlance)
Wave Serpent (twin brightlance) with 10 Dire Avengers
7 Dire Avengers

The mission: Omega level Take & Hold

I deployed my Honor Guard in a narrow passage between size 3 terrain, granting me a good LoS to the center of the field. My opponent dropped his Dire Avengers in a forest in the far left of the field (from my PoV). In return I had the 10 man Kroot squad infiltrate as closely as possible to take care of 'em, while the larger squad took refuge in another forest in the middle of the field, ready to welcome his reserves.

I got first turn, beginning this battle:

Turn 1:
Tau: Kroot advanced to just over 6" away from his Avengers. I had them rapid fire, they took out 3 of the Avengers, but they stood their ground.
Eldar: Dire Avengers advanced 3" and performed a bladestorm on my Kroot, killing 4, but the Kroot too refused to run. The Avengers wanted to charge but were only able to run 2", falling 1" short.

Turn 2:
Tau: No reserves showed up, I repositioned the Kroot, hoping another volley would kill off the 4 remaining Avengers, or at least force a Ld test. Shooting did result in 4 wounds, but all of them were saved.
Eldar: The Avatar, Autarch and Wraithlord showed up.
The Wraithlord set his sights on the large Kroot squad, the Autarch boosted ahead to hide from the Honor Guard, but my opponent didn't take in account the possibility of reserves drawing line of sight to him. The Avatar came to aid the 4 Avengers. Unable to shoot, the Avengers moved to charge the Kroot. The Avatar shot 1 Kroot, leaving 5, while the Wraithlord shot one from the other squad. The Avengers charged, but the Kroot managed to cut the squad in half before finally dying themselves.

Turn 3:
Tau: The HQ squad hit the field, immediately moving to shoot the Autarch, while my Ionhead speeded onto the field, eager to shoot the Avatar. Shooting saw the Autarch die in a hail of Missile Pod fire, while the Avatar took a single wound.
Eldar: The rest of his army arrived. The Fire Prism moved to shoot the Honor Guard, while the Wave Serpent came to the Wraithlord's aid. The Dire Avengers came out for another Bladestorm.
Shooting saw 7 Kroot die from the large squad, but fortunately they refused to budge.
The Fire Prism missed its shot at the Honor Guard.

Turn 4:
My Suit and Devilfish also made it onto the field. The Devilfish hid behind size 3 terrain for lack of a target, while the Suit jumped behind the Honor Guard, ready to aim for the Fire Prism.
My Hammerhead and Crisis Command squad also jumped out in support, that tank had to be stopped! The Kroot retreated out of the woods, since the Wraithlord came awfully close and I didn't want them locked in combat with a unit they couldn't even scratch.
I was extremely lucky, the Suit managed to shake the Fire Prism with its first volley, allowing me to redirect my fire elsewhere. The Shas'El and his bodyguard managed to inflict 2 wounds on the Avatar, bringing him down to his final wound.

Eldar: The Wraithlord failed its test and stood motionless. The Dire Avengers hopped into their Wave Serpent and it zoomed up, aiming for my Hammerhead. The Avatar and 2 Dire Avengers retreated back to his table edge, afraid of losing the squads entirely. The Fire Prism ducked behind the woods to avoid further fire.
Though my opponent fell back to his usual thought patterns of pessimism, he shot at my Hammerhead with his Wave Serpent and cleanly shot off the Ion Cannon.

Turn 5:
Still to come!
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Default Re: Batrep 1000 pt Tau VS Eldar

A very nice start, I'm looking forward to the rest. Have a cookie +1!

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Default Re: Batrep 1000 pt Tau VS Eldar

thanks, though I'm still wondering how on earth I can still be winning... :\

I made this list for him to beat it, since he can use a win but eh, I simply seem to have better rolls or something...
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Default Re: Batrep 1000 pt Tau VS Eldar

The long awaited final two turns of the game!

A brief recap:
Tau's forces:
-Ionhead sans Ion Cannon
-Devilfish with 12 Fire Warriors
-Ethereal with 12 man Honor Guard
-Shas'El with Bodyguard, 2 Gun and 2 Shield Drones
-Deathrain Crisis Suit
-5 Kroot, 9 Hounds

Eldar's forces:
-Fire Prism
-Wave Serpent with 10 Dire Avengers
-Wraithlord with Shuri/Brightlance
-2 Dire Avengers
-Avatar on his final wound

Turn 5:
Tau: Eager to repay the Eldar's kindness, my suits advanced towards it. Keeping the mission objective in mind, I had the Ethereal and his men march towards the center, protected somewhat by the Devilfish. Given the speed of the Hammerhead, I retreated it to stand behind cover.
Shooting saw the Shas'El and Bodyguard miraculously take out the Wave Serpent, forcing the Avengers to disembark (killing 1 in the process). My Devilfish fired its Smart Missile System and killed 2 more Avengers and reducing the squad to 7.
I felt bold enough and had my Kroot/Hound squad charge them while my Suits jumped back behind cover.
The Kroot took 2 casualties, but they managed to annihilate all 7 Avengers and consolidated 2" back into the woods.

Eldar: The Wraithlord marched towards the Kroot as the Fire Prism came out of hiding to once again try to shoot my Honor Guard. Unfortunately the Fire Prism missed. The Wraithlord shot at the Kroot with its shuri-things and killed 1. It then charged and killed 1 more. I was lucky enough to fail the leadership test and my Kroot ran 10" away from the Wraithlord.

Turn 6:
The Kroot were below 50% and ran another 11" stopping JUST in front of the table edge. I had everything gather at the center, the Fire Warriors got out of their Devilfish and the Suits aimed for the Fire Prism.
Shooting phase was extremely lucky: the Deathrain shot at the Fire Prism, causing 2 glancing hits: the 1st stunned/armament destroyed, the 2nd immobilized/destroyed. At this point my opponent gave up as he only had a Wraithlord left as a scoring unit and it could never win him the game.

Though we didn't really count vp's afterward, he would only have gotten some.. 135 from me for killing 1 Kroot squad and bringing another below half strength. I had 680 points worth of scoring units in the middle of the field and would have gotten vp's for everything except the wraithlord (+ only half of the 7 DA's and Avatar)

So yet another surprising victory for the Tau!
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