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marker lights....
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Default Re: marker lights....

I've got one sniper team, so that's one unit, but then the drones usually use that ML token. So my main source is from a pathfinder team. Though I've sometimes used the SS unit to carry some marklights. Expensive, but very well protected, and mobile.
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Default Re: marker lights....

How are Marker drones worth their cost?
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Default Re: marker lights....

Originally Posted by SDFarsight
How are Marker drones worth their cost?
Only when you can't afford another devilfish for a second pathfinder squad. Other traits that try to justify their expense is that they're the only way besides pathfinders that give you more than one markerlight in the squad. If you want to centralize your markerlights (so the rest of your units can move, for example) marker drones are the only way to do it.

I have a "1 1/2 pathfinders" list where the 1/2 is an ethereal and honor guard with 4 marker drones & shas'ui markerlight for 5 total. It's less expensive than a full pathfinder squad, but less useful too so I haven't used that list in a while.

I've also tried giving a small stealth team some markerdrones, so I get stealthed infiltrating markerlights. It wasn't cost-effectiive, though, because my opponent started chasing them around after the first turn and they had to keep moving.

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