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How can I upgrade to 3000pts?
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Default How can I upgrade to 3000pts?

Okies, I've just started Tau again, I used to play the old edition Tau codex and was disappointed originally with the new Codex..... but i've grown and matured since then and discovered Tau were really my true calling

So i've decided to re-establish my Tau and lay into some serious work especially since my club are going to be running a huge apocalypse game that i'd like to be a big part of.

I'll post what I have and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to expand to 3000pts?

1 Ethereal (Actually a old Aun'shi model, as I don't like the new ethereals)
1 Shas'o
3 Crisis Suits - Fire-knives (PR and MP.... I know they used to be called that i think.....)
10 Stealth suits
48 Fire warriors
9 Vespid and 1 Strain Leader
8 Gun drones
19 Kroot and 1 Shaper
2 Broadsides
1 Hammerhead (can be Ionhead or Railhead)
1 Skyray (or can be turned into another ionhead or railhead thanks to extra turrets)

I was thinking get devilfishes to put my troops in and then add to that witha Rapid Insertion boxset, I'm trying a kind of Hybrid approach, I really need advice or even some examples on a list as i'm a tad out of my depth as usual :P

I'll post the 2000pt list I have written at home later today, can right now due to being in college
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Default Re: How can I upgrade to 3000pts?

I've just done a similar thing myself by ordering a tigershark ax-1-0 from forgeworld. When I get the money I'm going to buy two barracudas to flank it when it makes its run (get rid of interceptors). Thats a total of 1280 points, not including the seekers or decoy launchers on the 'cudas.
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