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Tau Apocalypse Army Stories
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau Apocalypse Army Stories

I have recently downloaded an Allies Matrix from the GW website. Tau are hated enemies to a lot of other armies. So, I had a thought. This topic is all about... posting stories about why the Tau have allied with (insert army of your choice here) to fight (insert army of your choice here).
Have fun!

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Default Re: Tau Apocalypse Army Stories

Alright, my allies are gonna be orks. The reason for this is because my Army comes in contact with orks a lot. It seems that since you can never quite kill the orcs I decided to do something else. While off their guard my army sent "present".

"There are no imperial records on what exactly happened that night, but now hordes of orks are seen fighting along Tau. The only evidence that can be traced is that small antennae has been found protruding from dead ork's skulls. The only way to remove the antennae was to disconnect them from the ork's brain. It seems the Tau have brainwashed these orks into fighting with them. Upon trying to inspect the antennae they self destructed causing injuries to the scientists trying to study them. Although the Tau loathe the orks deeply, they are a valuealbe in taking and holding colonies."

Well that is my story, feel free to comment.
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Default Re: Tau Apocalypse Army Stories

Originally Posted by moomeyer
Well that is my story, feel free to comment.
If you want to, you can have something as simple as saying "The Tau hired Ork mercenaries." There are such things as Ork "Freebootaz" and the Tau are already hiring the services of the Kroot.
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Default Re: Tau Apocalypse Army Stories

for the game my brothers and i did over thanksgiving, we had the following. the game was imperial guard vs. tau/necron.

we decided that the necron, under the nightbringer, was studying the tau to learn how the tau are immune to the warp. at the same time, the tau are on planet to try and learn about necron technology. so the necron let the tau wander freely, pretending not to notice, while the tau take pains not to attract attention by picking a fight. of course, then the imperium shows up and both necron and tau end up fighting the imperial guard alongside each other.
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Default Re: Tau Apocalypse Army Stories

my apoc at this point is a tau/witch hunters/nids. they got that way because the with hunters were studying the Greater Good and became obsessed with it and betrayed the imperium because he started to believe in it. most of the rest of the sisters realized that they would be hunted down by the rest of the sisters because of their inquisitors "heresy" so they went at well. at the time they were also studying some Tyranids and the Tau decided to put a communion helm on a tyrant, and lo and behold it worked!
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Default Re: Tau Apocalypse Army Stories

The allies chart isn't even worth looking at IMO. The only allies that are spelled out are an army with itself or Imp. armies allied to Imp. armies, who'd a thunk :.

I usually play team games 2vs.2 so I guess when it comes to playing Apoc. I'll be saddled with either Eldar, Dark Angels, or Chaos (mostly khorne). However I've got my own eldar army that I have to assemble (some day), and always wanted to do a kroot merc. army.

Originally Posted by mithril
studying the tau to learn how the tau are immune to the warp
Their not immune to the warp.
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Default Re: Tau Apocalypse Army Stories

one possible story i thought of for a battle, that i might actually take part in some day, was a tau and an eldar force were both fighting over a planet, when a witchhunter army with inducted imperial guard arrived in the area on a anti-xenos campaign and came across the two alien armies. the tau and eldar hastily recalled their forces and set up a temporary alliance to fight off the mon'keigh/gue'la
most of this i made up as a typed it so, yes it is fairly mediocre
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