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The number of Shas?
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Default The number of Shas?

I was just thinking on the Number of Fire warriors that a Sept world has to defend itself with.
I assume that Fire warriors are a minority Cadre, with the Earth and Water castes making the bulk of the population, so I assume the Shas are in the region of 15% of a Septs population.
Now lets assume that a world is a million strong. Thats 150'000 Fire Warriors (quite an intimidating force, when crisis suits and MBTs are thrown in to the mix).

Now as im writing a story Id just like a few estimates as to how well populated a Sept world is, so that I can give a concept of its defences. 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage colonies if any numbers exist.

The reason im asking is that im considering a short story on the Damocles crusade or a Kraken Splinter assault on a smaller colony.

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Default Re: The number of Shas?

There was a topic about Tau populations very similar to this about a year ago on the forums. You should do a search of just the Tau forums and see what you come up with.
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Default Re: The number of Shas?

i like to think of it like a think of Ant colonies- if a Sept needs more of one thing they generate more of that thing- including their populations. Just think of it like that and I think you'll be fine- however i'm sure the populations are more or less equal (with the exception of the Ethereals- who f'ing knows)
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Default Re: The number of Shas?

Actually, I think it depends on the Sept that colony is in. For example, Vash'ya is said to have a higher population of Kor(Air) caste members and Sa'cea has a higher population of Shas(Fire) caste than most others. I would assume a colony in that system would be the same, as most of its inhabitants most likely came from the core sept world.
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