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drones and penatrateing hits
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Default drones and penatrateing hits

do the drones also have to dismount or do they ignore ths because they cannot reatach?
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Default Re: drones and penatrateing hits

Could you be a bit clearer in your question? I'm not quite sure what you are asking.

But if I were to take a shot in the dark: Drones that are attached to a vehicule are wargear. If the vehicule is destroyed they are treated as if they were passenger in every regards. In other word if the vehicule get's destroyed, they need to check to see if they get destroyed by the blast and will suffer from entanglement.
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Default Re: drones and penatrateing hits

Or do you mean whether drones have to disembark when a vehicle takes a penetrating hit?

I don't have the answer for that unfortunately.

I agree with Boneguard about the question he proposed, sadly I always forget my drones are passengers and just remove them with my devilfish :-\

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Default Re: drones and penatrateing hits

I'm pretty sure that since they count as passengers, for all intents and purposes, the drones as well are forced to disembark because of a penetrating hit. Also, when your devilfish is destroyed, you will also have to roll for wounding on these (if you were going fast of course) as you would with the firewarriors the devilfish is transporting.
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Default Re: drones and penatrateing hits

The codex explicitly states at the end of the Gun Drone entry in the Vehicle Armoury (Page 30) that they are treated as passengers if the vehicle is damaged, so yes they must disembark (Page 68, Rulebook, Emergency Disembarkation). I see no reason to ignore the rule just because they cannot reattach, because it is explicitly stated in the Codex.

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