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JSJ and Rapid Fire
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Kroot Shaper
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Default JSJ and Rapid Fire

Well as the subject title says, JSJ and rapid fire. I've read all the threads on this matter and I've read both the codex and the BGB, but perhaps I'm missing something.
I'm aware that you may move up to 6" and fire as if stationary, and then declare a charge. But I'm under the impression "declare a charge" only means you may assault with you newly fired suits, but not jump back into cover.
Am I all wrong in this? I hope I am, and if I am, please can you direct me to exactly where it says it is allowed?

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Default Re: JSJ and Rapid Fire

To make things simpler for you, treat all rapid fire weapons carried by crisis suits as assault weapons. This means you may move, fire them without penalty, and then charge if you wish. In the assault phase, a crisis suit may to 1 of the following things

1. Do nothing

2. Declare a charge

3. Move up to 6" in any direction.

note that you can't move 6 and then charge, do one or the other. And you must be stationary to fire heavy weapons.

If you are still confused there is a great article to help you, here is the link.


hope this helps


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Default Re: JSJ and Rapid Fire

Precisely as above. It's pretty straightforward on Page 55 of the Rulebook, under Jump Infantry -> Jetpacks.
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Default Re: JSJ and Rapid Fire

JSJ is one of the most potent weapons the Tau have!

You can jump into range to fire your Rapid Fire weapons twice and then jump back out of assault range or back behind cover so they can't be shot at.

My Crisis Suits are the backbone of my army, I have seven all armed with Plasma Rifles and missile pods and I also give them a couple of shield drones.

Used properly they can be devastating!

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