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Tau Fluff
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Default Tau Fluff

What are the title of the tau novels and other fluff sources?
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Default Re: Tau Fluff

I believe the only Tau novel is called Fire Warrior. I'm pretty sure all other fluff is from the first and second codexes and the Taros Campaign. Other than that I have no idea unless you're looking for unofficial stuff, then there is a load of it on this site.
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Default Re: Tau Fluff

-Codex: Tau-
Original Tau codex. In many ways superior to the current one, especially in terms of fluff.

-Codex: Tau Empire-
Current Tau codex. Contains "background fluff", dosen't go into much detail.

-Imperial Armor 3: The Taros Campaign-
Gives rules for using various Forgeworld Tau models, and also gives a rather complete description of Tau warfare on the planetary level.

Inquisition-based, has some of information about Tau biology (some of it contrairy to other sources) as well as information about the Kroot. Illustrated!

A novelization of the video game. I've never read it, but it apparently says quite a bit about crisis suits, in addition to providing some information about the language.

-Kill Team-
Useful source of information about Tau ships and power generators. Provides a look at a colony and Fire caste training areas.

-Star of Damocles-
I haven't read this one, but it apparently involves a Rogue Trader around the time of the Damocles gulf crusade.

-For The Emperor-
One of the Commissar Cain books. Provides a look at the Tau from imperial eyes, and sheds some light on the usefulness of pathfinder weapons and equipment.

That's all I know of. Hope it helps!

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Default Re: Tau Fluff

Great list, gonna buy, For the Emperor, Star of Democles and Kill Team now <3
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Default Re: Tau Fluff

Originally Posted by Primo
Great list, gonna buy, For the Emperor, Star of Democles and Kill Team now <3
You really ought to read [i]Rogue Star/i] too, the first book in the Rogue Trader novels (the second being Star of Damocles). I'd also recommend reading this pdf from the game Battlefleet Gothic, but I can't find the link just now. It's in the rulebook section called 'To Unite The Stars', IIRC.
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Default Re: Tau Fluff

there are two tau BFG fluff sources

the original BFG PDF

the tau commerce protection fleet PDF

both are available on the specialist games website to download.

And download the tau Epic 40k rules. there is a huge amount of fluff there and shows you everything else the army has, including mantas, scorpionfish, air caste support, gue'vesa cadres etc.

there are also a lot of fluff in the 40k fluff bible, such as an in depth story on vior'la, and several short stories found on the GW website, such as how the tau and kroot got together, how the tau "killed" Slannesh, etc
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Default Re: Tau Fluff

Are there two different Star of Damocles novels ?, I did a search on the e bay and found two novels with different cover art work.
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Default Re: Tau Fluff

Rogue Star and Star of Damocles by Andy Hoare. That should be it. Different editions had different covers, but there are only two books in that series so far.
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Default Re: Tau Fluff

Fire Warrior is going up in price people, so if you want it, get it now.
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Default Re: Tau Fluff

Doombringer's Tau Source Compendium
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