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Default Infiltration

Ok, so I have read the rules on infiltration and I feel like a real idiot. I don't get it, could someone please explain it to me and how it is useful. ??? ??? ???

EDIT: I am wondering, because I really like the idea of the kroot and they get this, but I don't understand how to utilize it.
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Default Re: Infiltration

Well you can basically deploy the unit close to the enemy rather than have the usual deployment restrictions.

They're deployed LAST, after all other units have been deployed, so can choose which enemy unit you want to "infiltrate".

You can deploy within 12" of a unit if there is no line of sight, or within 18" if there is a line of sight.

For Kroot, let's see you have some woods on the table, you could infiltrate the Kroot into the woods, close to the enemy, and have the benefit of their Fieldcraft skill. Perfect

Hope this helps.
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Default Re: Infiltration

K'Vor summed it up pretty well.

I find that the fact they deploy last is the most helpful. The reason for this is that it lets you counter your opponent's deployment, particularly if he has something like fast assaulters, or you need to add more anti-infantry firepower someplace, or whatnot. Infiltrating onto an objective is also an option, but I try to avoid this simply because of the focused firepower that is likely to come their way. You can even deploy into your own deployment zone if you wish (or the opponent's) to counter a deployment. Finally, it is useful for countering other Infiltrators; assuming you win the roll-off, you get to deploy first and deny your opponent's chance to Infiltrate in a good place. If you loose, you can still Infiltrate against the Infiltrators, as it were, to counter them.
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Default Re: Infiltration

Originally Posted by Fate13
Ok, so I have read the rules on infiltration and I feel like a real idiot. I don't get it, could someone please explain it to me and how it is useful. ??? ??? ???

EDIT: I am wondering, because I really like the idea of the kroot and they get this, but I don't understand how to utilize it.
look at your normal deployment pattern firstly. in cleanse, you deploy in a table quarter, and in the other basic missions, you deploy along the long edge of the table, up to 12" onto the board.

Now, with infiltrate, this deployment pattern does not apply. you can put your unit down, after everything else has been place, and it is not restricted to your deployment zone.

Yes, it has restrictions. you can deploy outside 12" from an enemy unit if no one can see it or 18" away if an enemy unit can see it (if they can draw LOS to it)

Now, what units have infiltrate in the tau list? Stealthsuits, and Kroot. think what it can give them.

(1) they can deploy closer to the enemy. many times i have infiltrated a cheap 70pt expendible kroot squad into the enemy lines, to run them forward on turn 1 and rapid fire into stuff, followed by a charge the following turn. i have destroyed whole flanks with this tactic (my kroot are infamous!) Now, without infiltrate, i'd have to spend 3-4 turns facing withering enemy fire as i run across the board (and in fairness, all i'll probably get is my kroot squad shot to pieces along the way, followed by them legging it) before i could do anything.

(2) they can counter enemy deployment. the other guy has his whole army down. lets say he has a lot of fast assaulty units in a prime position to charge your lines, and all you have is one Fire Warrior squad able to shoot them on the way in. Infiltrate will allow you to place all your kroot down last to bolter any part of your line that you feel is threatened. Similarly, infiltrate allows you to counter any bad deployment choices your opponent has made, and exploit it.

(3) the psychological factor. the initial deployment of your opponent will be hampered when he knows you will be holding back 1, 2, 0r more squads from normal deployment. he wont know where they're gonna go and he will be seeing kroot hiding behind every tree, so to speak. he can't put them there in position X as there is a large amount of area terrain ahead that kroot can hide in for example, so he wont put them there in the first place. it screws up his deployment plan as he can't go everywhere, and that is very important. deployment is the most important moving phase in the game.

remember, infiltrate means go onto the board last, not necessarily get closer. if you infiltrate right next to a bunch of tyranid genestealers, all you are doing is giving your opponents free victory points. just be careful with it. infiltrate is a great tool to any army.
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Default Re: Infiltration

infiltration also provides the strategic value of splitting enemy forces.

hybrid static lines benifet from a divided enemy force, the circumstance provided that the infiltrating force is threatening enough to divide enemy forces.

While isolating the target becomes primary, your also opening up space for deepstrikes. Allowing the enemy to be attacked from all sides.

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