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Targeting array
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Default Targeting array

The codex doesnt show you what a Targeting array looks like, do the crisis suits a vehicles come with them but they just arent shown in the codex? Or does it not have to be shown on the model?
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Default Re: Targeting array

For the crisis suits I just do a bit of conversion on the target lock and for the vehicles its mounted on the chin of the hammerhead, replacing the burst cannon you have on the Devilfish.
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Default Re: Targeting array

I never bother showing most of my non weapon hard-points. The suits are all XV 89's or XV 88-2's (and one XV 22) so all of that could feasably be intergrated into the suit/represented by the different helmet etc.

As far the regular XV 8's, if you choose to use them then I wouldnt really worry about it. Most of your opponents wont know one peice of battlesuit wargear (excluding wepaons) from another anyway, so it wont make much difference to most games.
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Default Re: Targeting array

There isn't an 'official' piece to represent it. I guess you could use a Target Lock or Multi-tracker piece in its place.
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Default Re: Targeting array

As I said last time this was asked, my Targetting Arrays are represented with enhanced neural interlinks, higher powered laser range finders, more powerful targetting scanners and target recognisation systems and improved targetting AI systems.

All conviniently un-modelable as they are internal systems

Besides, more powerful targetting computers/scanners etc is much more realistic than an easily targetted, external thing :

If anyone ever tries to pull you on it, then as GW do not make a piece to represent it, then you are not forced to.
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Default Re: Targeting array

I use two target locks, one on each shoulder, on my Commander to represent the Targeting Array.
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