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Hamerhead Railgun Question
Closed Thread
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Default Hamerhead Railgun Question

So when you have a railgun on a hammerhead do you need to specify what type of ammunition it uses before the game and then it is static, or can you switch between the two ammunition types throughout the game?
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Default Re: Hamerhead Railgun Question

The Railgun can switch between shots in mid-game. This is a god-send as it makes the gun much more versatile; in a similar way to real-life tanks loading their gun with an armour piercing Sabot shell, then loading a high-explosive shell in the heat of battle. ;D
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Default Re: Hamerhead Railgun Question

Darn, SDFarsight posted in the middle of my writing. Oh well, anyways he hit the nail right on the head you can switch midgame which is very useful.
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Default Re: Hamerhead Railgun Question

Yet again the same question, please try the search feature next time. Topic locked.

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