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Whats your Cadre background?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Whats your Cadre background?

i would like to know what you Cadre background is.

Name: Ka'Lynu
Character: Daux'el
background: bla bla bla.....
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Default Re: Whats your Cadre background?

My Cadre was originally a Pacification/Police force from T`au sent to the worlds of the third sphere to keep the Gue`la population under control. They saw some rough action, which couldn`t really be called "police work" anymore, when a couple of Gue`la decided to rebel.

When Medusa V came, they were drafted into Combat Duty, since they had experience with the Gue`la, speak their language and more or less understand their habits.

They performed (after initial problems) extremely well, and ever since are stuck with Front Line duties.

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Default Re: Whats your Cadre background?

Mine is led by Shas'O Or'es'Shi. Initially they were from N'dras and suffered from the bad PR. They are an excellent fighting cadre making extensive use of suits (including some older XV-15) and auxiliaries troops du supplement their small number.

When the Third World Expension came in they participated in the Capture of Ksi'm'yen which later on allow them to become part of the newly created Sept.
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Default Re: Whats your Cadre background?

My Cadre is a strike force created for the third sphere expansion from a world within T'au known as N'ori (I made this up, anyone who speaks Japanese should get the joke) that specialises in using experimental weaponry. Unfortunatly the commander believes so strongly in the Etherials and the Greater Good that he has deemed all those that would turn from its ideals as needing to be exterminated to make way for the fledgling T'au empire. This include all the non Tau races T'au have access to (I don't include any non-Tau units) as he believes they will never truely fully understand the ideals they fight for. The Cadre has been declared rogue by the Ethereals for its heavy handed tactics and genocidal conquests. They continue to fight in the belief that the T'au, and only the T'au, have the right to inherit the stars, with commander O'Hashi believing the declaration is merely a test by the Ethereals who wish to see if he will follow in O'Shovahs footsteps.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Whats your Cadre background?

The Tau cadre I play is called the Entropic Host. I'll give you the background:

Early in the Third Sphere Expansion a large fleet of Tau warships and automated construction equipment were on their way to establish a supply depot and logistics base on a newly pacified Imperial world when it was surrounded by a quick but deadly warp storm. The storm lashed the fleet with gamma radiation, neutron particles, created pockets of atmosphere aboard some craft that were inimical to the Tau, and all organic life aboard the ships was snuffed out; Tau, Vespid, and Kroot alike.
The fleet most likely would have drifted for centuries until discovered by Orks or other scavengers, but for one other side effect of the warp storm: Drone intelligences and other AI used by the Tau in almost every piece of technology at the disposal of the Tau were suddenly raised to true sentience. Machines that had thus far been little more than semi-autonomous slaves found thoughts, feelings, machinations flooding into their fledgeling minds.
What these new minds lacked was experience, and with the firepower at their disposal it was as if they were children suddenly possessed of their parents' firearms. These new sentients might very well have torn each other asunder except that they soon discovered hardwired into their memory cores the precepts of The Greater Good. As new sentients they could choose to ignore these precepts but found the philosophy oddly compelling, and individually found that in addition to being able to think, to feel, to percieve, they had also been gifted with the ability to believe.
Though each artificial intelligence was an individual they shared a network of information that allowed them to swiftly act in concert. Many of the drone minds felt that if they were to serve the Greater Good as was proper they would need to do so clad in the armour and bearing the weapons of the fire caste and their allies. It was a simple matter for the fleet's foundries, now under the supervision of thousands of intelligent machines, to reconfigure themselves to churn out not weapons and armour but android bodies, copies of Tau, Kroot, and Vespid, into which the memory cores of those willing drone minds could be placed.
Other drone intelligences chose to remain embedded in weapons systems, navigational arrays, manufacturing machines and intelligently guide the actions of those devices for the benefits of all. They became the backbone of the fleet, and networked as they were the warships and logistics vessels moved and reacted like no Tau fleet had before.
Once the fleet was again operational, dropships full of android warriors and martial fervor, the vessels set out again to complete the task originally assigned to the former crew. They established the logistics base and sent word back to T'au for more instructions.
The reply came in the form of the Ethereal Aun'Prem. Accompanied by his honour guard he stepped onto the landing pad and was greeted by representatives of the drone sentients in their android shells. At first he could detect nothing wrong, but when the soldiers he thought to be Fire Caste warriors removed their helmets to reveal the blank and emotionless faces beneath Aun'Prem recoiled in horror. He ordered his honour guard to bring their weapons to bear on the monstrosities he now faced.
Their reaction astonished him. To a one the android warriors knelt and bared their chests to the brandishes pulse rifles of the honour guard. The lead representative spoke to Aun'Prem. "If our deaths serve the Greater Good we welcome them. If you choose to bathe this world in fire and cleanse us from the universe you will have no resistance. But if we could choose, we would choose to serve the Greater Good with our lives, our deeds, and with the honour of battle. Decide our fate."
Aun'Prem was taken aback, shocked, and yet he felt the sincerity in the electronically modulated voice that spoke to him. He looked over the heads of the kneeling androids upon a city, a world that with every moment of its being served wholly the Greater Good, and a chill ran through him. The Ethereal could only previously have seen such a thing in his dreams and yet its reality made of those dreams a nightmare. In his mind he saw legions of android Fire Warriors swarming across the stars, purging them of all that stood in the way of the greater good, until the entire universe was cold, empty, and perfect.
But he knew what the other Ethereals would say if he were to tell them his fears, having destroyed the abominations that knelt before him. They would laugh, and chide, and then punish him for his willful act.
He came to a decision. "Live, then, Kor'Vesa. Build cities, build ships, build the tools of both war and peace and put them to the service of the Greater Good. You are the death of everything, though I will not live to see the universe you create, and destroy. I leave you and your entropic host to your fate."
Aun'Prem boarded his vessel and departed with no further words. He sent a brief message to the homeworld, but before that message ever reached the ears of his fellow Ethereals, Aun'Prem drove his ceremonial sword into his own heart.
His death was mourned most heavily on the newly dubbed world of Dal'Kor. Aun'Prem, without knowing it, had given the drone minds something they did not know they needed. He gave them a name, and a leader, and they praised his memory for it.
And as each drone took a name, a true identity, the Entropic Host was strengthened. Shas'O'Kor'Vesa looked to the stars and saw his brethren bringing the Greater Good to countless worlds, driving away strife and uncertainty and war until finally it was united, every world full of his fellows, pristine, and perfect.
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Default Re: Whats your Cadre background?

Cadre fluff and painting: To make sense of the Farsight-Empire switch, I'm making my Empire army look quite Enclave-ish so they look the part in both scenarios. My Empire cadre is eccentric and malicious but still fighting for the Greater Good. Their main colour is Mechrite Red with highlights of Blood Red and purple (can't remember the GW name); the cloth non-armour areas on the Fire Warriors are shades of gray. The Shas'ui and other higher ranks have areas of white and gold on their armour, increasing with their rank. To show their embracing of individuality, the units have un-uniform colour patterns (but still the same basic colours) and each Fire Warrior has an individual colour of shin armour (but not literally unique, as it'll just get tedious to make/buy new colours for 30+ FWs); though this might bring out calls of "here come the coloured sock army!".

I might add more to the fluff when/if I do some short stories.
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Default Re: Whats your Cadre background?

My Cadre is originally from the Sept Vior'la, but much like Commander Farsight, they have severed their bonds with the Empire and are entirely space-faring. My Cadre is led by O'D'Suam, or Commander Twin Flame in the common tongue, under the mysterious power of an as-yet unknown Ethereal. The Ethereal is kept hidden as of his own will, under the personal guard of D'Suam, and has not divulged his existance to anyone other then D'Suam himself.

Essentially, after a multitude of battles (and a multitude of defeats) against the forces of the Black Legion of Chaos, the Cadre began pursuing their own agenda, led by an assumedly corrupt Ethereal, in a grand and elaborate scheme to attempt to knock out a fleet led by the Black Legion general Ethaot. However, the fleet under the direct command of D'Suam (You'll find that, although not backed publicly by an Ethereal, the Aun still holds much sway and the Shas'O has much more power than normally granted, including access to his own fleet. In fact, he is the head of an entire system of Castes which have followed him as he broke away) has not the ability to directly engage the vessels of the Damned, and Ethaot realizes this and pays no heed to the fleet. Besides, he's always spoiling for a chance to plunge his blade into an alien's chest! So, any battles fought between the two factions are ground-based. Of course, the worlds clashed upon are not predetermined, and often civilized and even heavily fortified worlds are fought over, and so the Imperium and other alien races can become involved. This means the Inquisition often will have a go at Ethaot even while the Tau and Chaos fight and scar the ground with craters and blood.

Give me time and I can have a whole freakin' novel written off this fluff, heh.

My story's a bit muddled, but be sure it all makes perfect sense to me. Chaos Tau, FTW.
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