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tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff
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Kroot Shaper
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Default tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff

Hi to all ;D i posted this to show how big and gritty an apocalypse battle is especially for tau.We decided on a 4250k battle and i was especially surprised when he showed up with 2 superheavies (baneblade and a stormblade) and 2 macharius heavy tanks as my tau was mostly equipped for anti infantry duties (esp my crisis teams). here is what we had as far as i remember

Imperial Guard w/ grey knight support

one regular guard platoon w/ cameleoline and carapace doctrine
one elysian drop squad
2 grey knight terminator squads
1 thunderbolt
2 superheavies (baneblade and stormblade)
2 heavy tanks (macharius)

Tau forces

shas'o Myr

shas'el (FW w/ markerlight) with 2 bodyguards w/ CIB and AFP

RIF w/ stealth team and 2 crisis teams with burst cannons and missile pods and 1 team deathrain

Devilfish rapid deployment force (3 warfishes w/ 12 firewarriors each)

2 broadside teams w/ 2 suits each and 2 shield drones

1 armoured interdiction force - 2 fusionheads and one railhead

2 tetra teams w/ 2 tetras each

1 railshark ax 10

1 independent firewarrior squad w/ warfish support

I wont get into specifics as the details are mostly hazy but here are the pics and i'll give some background

as you can see he had a serious array of forces lined up

my 7the cadre is as follows

He won deployment and first turn as he underbid me during deployment w/ 3 minutes for him and 5 min for my troops
the battlefield was a ruined city

he placed 2 heavies each on both flanks

he also had infiltrators on my deployment zone forcing me to bunch up away from them
his supporting infantry

This is my deployment
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y81...calypse017.jpg - left flank deployment
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y81...calypse020.jpg - my right flank command
no units in my center

Finally the battle begins in earnest as the imperials get first turn. His heavies pound my left flank destroying a fusion head and his infiltrators sniping at my troops w/ plasma and hellgun fire unsucessfully hitting anything

My 1st turn, i manouvre my vehicles to deny shots to the heavies and i deploy rapidly deploy troops to the center using my devilfish squadron. As i do this the infiltrators are marked by markerlights from tetras and the shas'el and cover saves and BS increased to my firing units...end result heavy casualties on his infiltrators and shot denial for his slow heavies

My broadsides , w/c were placed on my left flank with clear shots on his heavies, had started to whittle away his armor and weapons already stunning them and taking out primary weapons

2nd turn, he brings in his grey knights and elysians. one squad GK suad walking in and killing my RIF stealth squad. 1 GK termie squad teleports to my center and threaten it and our objective marker. 2 Elysian squads drop onto my Left flank , one makes it to threaten my rear and one lands scatters on top of shas'o myr killing them all.

My tau try to deal with these threats as much as possible, deploying FW and bringing in my AX10 and 1 crisis suit team in reserve

Fortunatly for me, my firewarriors dealt with that elysian squad in one round of firing after i FOF'd them. The crisis team cleared out the last of the infiltatrators on the right flank and my center forces had started to whittle away on that grey knight termie squad.

3rd round for the imperials found him trying to weaken my eft flank w/ further drops of elysians and his lascannons flaying at my front lines destroying one center warfish, pinning the 6 survivors, and my AX10 being shot down (don't worry, he made a mistake on using the precision fire asset on a flyer w/c the GW staff pointed out later on and thus not destroying my flyer though i did miss it's firepower throughout the game).



My tau respond again w/ cleaning up our Left flank using firewarriors and warfishes to kill the elysians and Fusionhad and Railhead decimating the 1st GK and elysian command squad with markerlight support. The elysian cmmand survivors assaulted the shas'o and were shredded w/ his flechette dischargers.


The center was the scene of furious firing as the grey knights tried to survive the fusillade of tau shots coming in. Valiantly they moved forward and died as they were picked apart until the grandmaster remained and he charged the shas'el command team killing all but succumbing to his wounds


The rest of my crisis suits arrive and pound the Left flank heavy tanks in the rear. This combined with the broadsides firing resulted in them being stunned again

The last few rounds saw the tau breaking out of the Left flank and pounding the heavies to submission blowing up one macharius and castrating the stormblade leaving it with one heavy bolter left. another macharius was blown up with a side armor hit from 64 inches away from my left flank shooting across the board to the right flank. Basically it was the end for the imperials as i rapid deployed the devilfishes to his rear and took down some of his HQ squad and lascannon squads.

I was'nt able to take apic of his thunderbolt doing strafing runs as i was busy though it did seriously hurt me taking out a railhead and a crisis team from the right flank. The end result was a draw because he still controlled the same number of objective markers i had. Tough he admits that with the amount of casualties he had he would have lost. My forces survived with more than 60 percent still standing and viable considering the amount of firepower that was incoming.

I do hope you enjoyed the pics and will be posting more apocalypse battles in the future. thanks and happy weekend to all.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff

supreised you play with not plainted armys...

i can never do that i find it spoils the whole point of suprising your enermy when you come in and say look guys i finished painting my 100 fw who wants some.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2005
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Default Re: tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff

i do have almost a hundred painted firewarriors, it's much harder to finish the vehicles and the crisis suits so forgive me if i fielded non painted models...it was a game fro fun anyway... ;D
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff

FYI, in Apoc the side that deploys first cannot use Infiltrate. it's in there under the deploy forces section.

hopefully his inflitrated IG were not to pivotal to his getting a draw.
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Default Re: tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff

Originally Posted by shadowcreaper
supreised you play with not plainted armys...

i can never do that i find it spoils the whole point of suprising your enermy when you come in and say look guys i finished painting my 100 fw who wants some.

This hobby is about having fun, if your opponent is cool with that. GO for it. Remember a painted army does really look great on the board and is part of the hobby but this hobby is mostly about having fun and a good time with your opponent.

BTW those are Malcador Tanks not the Macharius tanks.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff

thanks for all the great picture, as a new player it really gave me a sense of what FOF is supposed to look like as opposed to how it looked when i attempted it look forward to more!
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2005
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Default Re: tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff

thanks for looking y'all, and also thanks for the reply, my apologies , those were malcador tanks, i was sleepy when i uploaded this early in the morning. The FOF was very effective and hurt my opponent especially combined with markerlights from the tetras. Also the free markerlights from the armoured interdiction force was great also increasing BS and decreasing cover saves...all in all a good battle that showed me that tau has great potential in a apocalyptic environment if used right.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 76
Default Re: tau apocalypse battle (pic heavy) at LA bunker against staff

i forgot, his infiltrators weren't much of a bother except making me avoid some sections of the city w/c was fortunate enough to be in line of sight to his heavies. We were a draw as he placed his heavy tanks on top of the objective markers, so i tried my best to blast them off to no avail and he was'nt really moving those heavies at all....
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