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New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired
View Poll Results: What Race shall it be?
Borakash 6 16.22%
Jagdors 2 5.41%
Ujahs 5 13.51%
Zeta 2 5.41%
Shoona 2 5.41%
Kzanagi 1 2.70%
Secataal 3 8.11%
He'ranii 7 18.92%
Drendos 2 5.41%
K'Neesh 2 5.41%
Kelleran Scuttlers 5 13.51%
Voters: 37. You may not vote on this poll

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Default New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

Don't take any rules into consideration- we'll figure that out later.

Borakash: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=51611.0

Giant, lumbering beasts about the size of a dreadnought, they require little armour as their thick skin protects them. They use a heavy anti-infantry cannon, and are vicious in combat. Outside of battle, they are peaceful herbivores, gathered in tribes, each having a Silverback Jagdor leading them.
They are a little like giant futuristic Gorillas.

Little ratling sized furballs who have a deadly aim, using pulse lancers, little gun that pack a decent punch at a long range. You gotta love the sniper wookies!

A race which is inherently psychic, but by alternative means than the Warp. They inherently have a psychic connection with eachother, able to freely share information, memories, and even share vision and other senses with eachother, regardless of distance apart. Each Zeta is connected to every other, and as such, there is no other sense other than that of the collective good of the race. They are physically akin to single-cell parisites at their most basic level, capable of meitosis at will. They inhabit bio-mechanical bodies which act as a form of a host, built by their former makers, who designed the race to be a weapon. The Zeta are parisitic in nature, needing a host body to control, though they can survive for limited amounts of time outside, cannibilizing themselves systematically if need be. If able to infect a host, they can attempt to infect the nervous-system or equivalent, allowing them to control their host by rapidly integrating itself into the body's most intimate actions. From there on, the host is the subject of the Zeta. They had a plethora of bio-mechanical suits they could "infect" at will, but all but a few were lost during the war, and now only three exist at current. The Tau as of yet have been unable to unlock the biggest mysteries, though they have been able to make some interface mechanisms for the Zeta to use.

The Zeta are perhaps the first to be truly equal, one to another, as they do not have a sense of self, but rather are a collective "consciousness" of all Zeta, working only for what is best for all of them collectively, and their mission, to protect their creators. Their collective knowlege mean that they are capable of learning by leaps and bounds, provided they can find the required information. The Zeta were found in a forgeworld, deep below the ground, caught in suspended animation, presumably for use at a different time.

The Zeta and Tau have an uneasy peace, with each not knowing what to make of the other. Upon discovery, a Fire Caste inadvertently was infested by a Zeta, giving the Zeta powerful insight to the Tau. The Tau on the otherhand want to replicate many of the effects and advanced technology used to create these symbiotes, however, their efforts have proven largely futile. The full extent of a Zeta is still unknown to the Tau, and the Zeta have mostly been kept within clean-room labs, where there is no biological contact with which the Zeta may infest. However, that is changing with advances in diplomacy, where the Zeta are being allowed a position in the field, albeit a smaller one.

Located in a system between T'olku and Bork'an, the race of the Shoona inhabit a single planet. The surface of the planet is inhospitable so the Shoona have developed large underground colonies where they live. Under the surface of the desolate planet the Shoona have grown large and beautiful gardens using artificial light and highly sophisticated irrigation techniques. The Shoona themselves are a very peaceful race, all working together to keep eachother alive. The sense of community the race has stems from their unique psychic ability. Though they don't draw their power from the warp, they use their psychic powers to communicate with eachother (and therefore don't speak) and share feelings on a broad range.

When the Tau first discovered them they were immediately attracted to the large size of the Shoona (standing roughly 8 feet tall) and wanted to use them for new battlefield operations. They soon discovered though that there was something very different about this race. The simple fact that they seemed to be able to understand eachother without speaking astounded the Tau. They didn't know how to communicate with the new race and were ready to abandon them when suddenly on the surface of the planet something remarkable happened. A Kroot scouting party that was looking for some interesting prey were interupted during their hunt when one of the scouts began to speak in a very odd language and moved in an even stranger mannor. It seemed that the Shoona were finally able to speak with the Tau ambassadors by using the Kroot as the transition between psychic communication and physical sound.

Now that the Shoona have been integrated into the greater good, the Tau have discovered that their powers aren't only used for communication. They're able to send psychic waves from themselves and receive back echos allowing them to "see" far distances in detail. They're also able to manipulate the weakminded and cause them to preform actions of their will for a short period of time. Though these attributes have been used in other areas of the empire the Aun have decided to try the Shoona on the battle field. They're used to map out the battle field and pinpoint enemy units as they advance. They're also (on rare occasions) able to stop the enemy in their tracks and render them useless long enough for Tau forces to neutralize them. Though they must be accompanied by a Kroot "translator" at all times, they are becoming a great asset to the Tau Empire.

The Kzanagi (came from a japenese legend but with the first letter changed to a 'k&#39 in Tau: Kes'im'iyen.

They were discovered a while ago but the Tau thought to leave them alone as they were not very davanced but over the last few centuries they have been subject to the kind of rapid evolution that effected the Tau and have just colonised one of their planets 3 moons. Their planet lies 7 lightyears to the galactic east of T'olku and is a dense forest world (much like Endor). They share many of the Tau's principals, being dedicated to the application of firepower over melee, the hunting of their prey, mobile warfare and stealth. They would be slightly taller than a space marine and about as wide, darker fur than a wookie with a more elongated face, they would only wear a kind of quiver on their backs filled with foot long darts

The alien race known as the Secataal first appeared in 182.M32 in a large area of space on the Northern fringe of the galaxy. A large imperial battle cruiser was pursuing a Cairn class Necron warship when both cruisers came under attack from much smaller fighter aircraft. The Shadow Wing Secataal ships destroyed all of the ships external defences and then punctured the ships outer skin and released there crew. The Secataal wreaked havoc in the ships, using there chameleonic ability to turn invisible to enter the main control centres of both ships and assassinated the commanders. They then barricaded themselves in the control rooms and set the two ships on a collision course towards each other before ‘blinking’ off of the doomed ships. Little is known about the race’s history before M32.

Secataal Biology
Secataal are bipedal humanoids that stand at about 2.6 meters. They have reptilian heads that split down the middle to open like mandibles, revealing 6 long tentacles used for grasping their prey. They communicate using high pitched chirrups that are inaudible to human ears. They can speak in Human languages though rarely do so unless talking to a human. They have large fingers and toes which aid its climbing ability. They are surprisingly strong, capable of uprooting trees and crushing a mans skull with one hand. They have an amazing ability to change their skin colour from its natural grey colour to that of the surrounding area making them perfect for scouting and assassination. They can however be spotted whilst invisible using heat sensing equipment. They have 4 digits on each hand, three fingers and a thumb which allow them to use most human equipment. They have feet similar to that of a bird, with two long toes at the front and a third at the back. These digits allow them to climb up almost any surface with ease. They often walk on two legs although they revert to all fours when they need to move at speed or climb. Their weapons use an alien technology known as Blacklight. Blacklight works by drawing in all matter within about 30cm. This suction is created by detonating the projectile as it makes contact with a solid object which creates a vacuum by breaking down the air around it into lighter gas. This gas floats upwards quickly leaving a vacuum where the gas was. This sucks in almost all matter around the projectile and can kill living creatures by tearing the vital organs out of the body.
Secataal have virtually no psychic powers and prefer not to use the ones they can perform as they see psykers as weak and cowardly. They prefer close-combat over firefights and can use a variety of weapons such as staffs, swords and bladed gauntlets.
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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

um... I don't really know what to put- however this is an excellent contribution by Genmotty which you can read further at: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=56463.30

The Drendos
The Drendos look nothing so much like very strange manta rays. The Drendos are an intelligent species who can naturally survive the void and have a very limited ability to enter the warp (much like the Tyranid's method). They survive by feeding off of the gases found in interstellar clouds, the oort cloud found on the outer edges of solar systems, and on the gases of gas giants. Most space traders blew them off as interesting animals, calling them wake angels (yes, I stole the nick-name from Titan AE, so shoot me, it's a good name), since they trailed the gases left behind by a ship's plasma drive.
The Drendos have an uncomplicated heard civilization, they communicate telepathically among each other and through vibrations projected through their skin while in an atmosphere with other species. The Tau wouldn't have known that the Drendos were fully intelligent if they weren't incredibly common in the Perdus Rift and thus had formed alliances with the Kroot.
The Drendos are fully capable of living both in space or in a planet's atmosphere... but the largest ones (which have a wing span almost as wide as a war-sphere) can't enter gravity wells without being crushed under their own bulk. The Drendos are able to store the gases their eat inside special pouches, and project them in a burst of super heated plasma to fight off the few predators they have. They are fully independant when born, staying with the herd to learn how to control their powers and where the grub is, in this state they have only 2 plasma vents. As a full adult (age 50), they have grown several more plasma vents... and as one of the elders (170 years old), their first plasma vents are enormous, and they become much more restricted in their movements, since gravity wells are too dangerous for them to enter.
All Drendos have luminecent skin, incredibly well protected against impact and heat, it forms impressive armor. Their skin's color varies greatly, but it is always bright, lasery colors, things that blend in well with the gas clouds they feed in.
The Drendos serve as scouts, spys (since most people don't bother hiding from them, just seeing them as harmless xenos who are pretty), and fast attack choices similar to Pirahnas (if juvenile), jet-attack craft (if adult), or even war ships (if elder... in which case they've got many more plasma vents, and the 2 they had as a child are big enough to fry small space craft)

Basically, they'd be Really freaking fast skimmers, with twin-linked plasma rifles, the ability to move through all terrain safely, and maybe a tiny psionic ability (iffy on this), also could be fielded as aircraft, again, with plasma rifles and twin-linked plasma cannons. Then the BFG version,which would be the ultimate destroyer of smaller vessels.

The K'Neesh
The K'Neesh, known to the Tau as the Kak'Nan (Sand-blades), were a fairly advanced race the Tau first encountered on their home planet, now in the K'Syi'Men sept. The planet K'Neesh is a barren and desolate world, a desert wasteland, with desperately hot days supplemented by freezing cold nights. Quite literally moving suits of living metal, which appears to be made from a similar metal to that of the armour of the Necrontyr, the K'Neesh however, seem to be a much more peaceful, if religuosly zealot-like race. After encountering the first Por ship, the K'Neesh priests recited to the diplomats a prophecy of their people, that a blue faced man would come and take them to a new and luscious land. Believing that the Por Caste and his Shas bodyguard were these fabled men, they followed the Tau without question, immediately becoming absorbed into the empire. The idea of the Tau'Va complemented perfectly their religious ideals of caring and loving those who aid you. They fight with blades made of the very soil itself, and seem to possess some psychic control over the land.

The idea was an almost Aztec race, incapable of travel but still very advanced, and prophecies leading them to be manipulated by another race (Like the Spanish Conquistadors). Might allow for a slightly darker side to the Tau.
In game-terms, these would be a unit which wouldn't be able to attack effectively, but with very high armour saves/invulnerables, the idea being that while they could hold up advancing assault units. Maybe able to add a psyker to the unit as a unit captain, who would give some kind of defensive boosting power (Rerollable saves?)

Kelleran Scuttlers (Tau: Tye’fio)

The creatures native to the planet Kellera were origianlly discovered by Shas’O Bork’An Kauyon’B Thestra of the Ghosts. His army was sent to investigate the planet before the Tau colonised it. When the Ghosts first landed, they found no signs of intelligent life. After a few rotaa of searching through the thick jungle they came across the main encampment of the largest tribe on the planet. The insectoid Kellerans there were living out simple lives of a primitive nature. They were adept at using their long, claw-like legs to hunt the native species on the planet and immediately saw their potential to be a great asset to the Empire.
Thstra explained to them the basics of the Greater Good, and they took it to their hearts. The Great High Queen of the largest Kelleran tribe set out on a mission to conquer the entire planet and make it fall under the rule of the Tau, and, with Thestra’s help, completed his task in a matter of days. Most tribes accepted the Greater Good, but the ones that didn’t were cut down like all enemies of the Tau.
Once the planet was under Thestra’s control, he left some of his men there to train the Kellerans in the art of war. Several Kai’rotaa later, an army was ready for battle.
Thestra harnessed the new auxiliaries in the Ondrossus Campaign, were the Kellerans excelled greatly. It was mainly their fighting that won the planet for the Tau’Va.
Armed with the newly-developed Kelleran Blaster, the ‘Scuttlers’, as the Imperials called them, began to develop a fighting style. They were terrific at laying down covering fire and could take down a large amount of enemies in close combat before even getting hit. While not very tough due to their frail stature, their claws make them excellent martial arts men, and their insanely quick reflexes give them many advantages over the enemy.

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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

I like the Zeta. The idea of the Tau "learning" from other races (Eldar a bit, Demiurg, Imperial, etc) would carry on well.
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

am i alowwed to vote for my own? i havent voted yet and dont realy want to vote for my race but i fear that some people would.
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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

Originally Posted by Secataal
am i alowwed to vote for my own? i havent voted yet and dont realy want to vote for my race but i fear that some people would.
I also want to know that, and by the way how many times are we allowed to vote?

Edit: Right I'm voting for the Secataal.
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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

Because Calmsword didn't want to sum up, let me.


The He'ranii

The He'ranii are so called under the Tau tongue and themselves do not have a name for their own race due to cultural differences.

Physically the He'ranii are a composite being made up of many shrimp like crustations. These work together to form a single entity. This entity is able to utilize each shrimp creatures traits to function. Thus certain shrimp excrete calcite compounds able to form a flexible exoskeleton back plate very similar to that of a lobster.

Motion is granted by further 'shrimp' which link themselves together into chains. Motion thus being derived by each of the 'shrimp' moving together which allows a degree of movement and strength similar to that of a human. However it has four legs and two 'arms'. Finally it stands at roughly human shoulder height as long as a human lying down.

Due to the large number of sentinant creatures in one place each He'ranii produces a null effect on the warp with psykic chatter. Also due to the limited intelligence of each 'shrimp' it makes a poor candidate for Daemonic Possession.

Due to its nature you would agree with me that it would not have much capability to be very big perhaps standing as half as high as a human or the size of a human child. Such a creature would know doubt produce a very large pskic power around it, but due to the unsuitableness of the shrimp creatures for possession it itself would be immune from any warp spawned chaos.

Most unnerving is the lack of a single head and the knowledge that one shot will never kill it. Furthermore with the collective entity it has embraced the Tau’va before the Tau even begin to talk to the race.

The He'ranii come from a mostly water world of Por'elm Su'li (Tau Name) which is found a few light years from Bork'an Sept. Prior to Tau contact the He'ranii were able to develop space flight, however were limited to exploration within their own system and had thus maintained a semblance of an empire for 200 imperail years or so.

Culturally and intelligently the He'ranii are rather childlike. Each He'ranii is very curious and is naturally naive to the world around it until it learns by experience. As such technological progress occurs in leaps and bounds with very few He'ranii ever understanding fully the devices with which they create.

As a peoples, the He'ranii are rather rare and don't consider themselves to be a 'race' as such. But more a peoples. He'ranii reproduction is the result of asexual reproduction of the shrimplike creatures which make them up. When a He'ranii grows large enough component creatures separate to form a new entity which grows again.

Because injury kills its make up creatures then it can take a He'ranii a very long time to fully recover from an injury. However because of its make up it never feels pain and is fully fuctional so long as enough of it survives to actually move about.


And that’s about it quickly. Like Calmsword says, there’s the link if you want to read more of the post I wrote before.

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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

Awsome! my race is featured and at the top of the list!

For those who are lazy to click the link:


Borakash (plural) Borokashan (singular) are large white-grey creatures that resemble what a human would call a bear. There are some differences however, a Borakashan is larger than a bear, standing 9-10 ft tall when on hind legs, they have opposable thumbs meaning they are very dexterous. Their hard claws and calloused paws mean they can shape and cut hot metal by hand. From an early age they are taught by the Elders in the Clan how to work metal.

When the children reach adult hood, they are sent into the mountains to the forge caves, where the rocks are always red hot and lava flows close to the surface. The young are then required to forge their own armour, suffering the burns and singed fur perfecting the inch thick metal, to flow with their own shape and provide the protection they need for battle. To the Borakash, their armour is a symbol of their prowess and dignity. They created that armour, and its that armour that they will fight with and die with.

In summary they are based on the Dark Matter trilogy, there is a race of armored bears who absolutely rock! They rely more on team work than some races. Any firepower from the troops has to be aquired via a Small Mammal mounted onto their armor who uses the Borakashan as a weapon platform:

They also have a smaller ally on their home world, a small creature not unlike a monkey, sharper features. The Tau have remarked at how these Grechter resemble a smaller version of Kroot. They have the same ferocity, but lack the stature and strength the Kroot possess. These creatures are known as Grechter. Unlike the Borakashan, who are peaceful unless provoked, the Grechter live for battle and blood shed. They are highly intelligent and usually battle amongst themselves, from tree to tree they would use basic crossbows and slings and knock each other down from the canopies. They are skilled with projectile weapons, and the Borakash saw this as a great potential partnership. Working together the Borakash became missile platforms and continues to use this tactic today.

Not having worked on this for a while, then looking back on it, the weapon stats produced seem overpowered. But fluff wise they are fun (even though slightly ripped off)

Thanks for looking
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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

I rather like Zeta and The K'Neesh. The K'Neesh because of the Aztec-ness, but the Zeta for the psychic stuff. Maybe if you combined the K'Neesh with the Zeta, and tweaked it a bit, you'd get something I'd vote on it immediately.
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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

I vote He'Ranii because they are the most original in both fluff and purpose...
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Default Re: New Race for the Tau Empire- player inspired

I Voted the K'neesh, beatifull add to Tau Empire
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