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Shas'el Tash'var Nan'ro: Commander Skystrike
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Default Shas'el Tash'var Nan'ro: Commander Skystrike

Mods move this to fluff as seen fit.

'Shas'el Tash'var Nan'ro is barely two decades old, but is already proving to be the most exceptional young Commander on Tash'var. She believes firmly in philosophy, and that knowledge is power. She was tutored from a young age by Shas’o Tash’var Hi’as Kai’ure, Commander Songblade (the fluff one, not me!) who taught her the ways of war and she now believes firmly in his policy of brains above brawn, and whilst other Commanders will spend their time practicing for battle, she will spend many decs pouring over old records, adding to her knowledge.
Nan'ro's first major victory was upon Ujahn, where she managed to destroy a whole ork Waaargh using only her Hunter Cadre, picking target carefully, and striking unexpectedly. She famously said after the war:

'Know your enemy. He that is slow, must be out-manouvered, He that is weak, must be overpowered and He who is small, must be overwhelmed.'

She has fought campaigns on four different worlds now, and each time has showed her prowess. Upon Jagdal Primus, where she was outmanouvered and outclassed by an unknown Eldar pirate force, where she lost half of her cadre, but still managed to drive the Eldar back.
Since then she has been fighting alongside Songblade in the Malthrax system, where she has fought the Sons of Primus chapter and the denizens of an Inquisition black ship.
only time will tell what more acievments she will acomplish, but she is definitely a rising star within our great Empire.'

I'm Fio'ui Kar'y, you've been watching Frontline.

Real men read The Strange Gazzet! (PM me for more information)

Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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