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Sept worlds: fluff.
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Default Sept worlds: fluff.

I don't think there is enough fluff for the Tau sept worlds, therefore I think we should make some as a kind of community project (hope this hasn't been done before). So everyone post up their ideas for fluff coming from their armys homeworld. I'll start with a bit for mine; Tash'var (although I will post more later).

Tash'var- A large area of Tash'var's main continent is covered in desert. It is criss-crossed with vast canyons and gulleys and is barren to most life. This has led to a tendancy for mechanised forces amongest the shas of the Tash'var sept and also contributed to their reputation of hardiness. This barren area is an ideal place for enemys to make landings discretely and so the fire caste must mount constant patrols in order to make sure they are not under threat, this is further hindered by the vast sand storms which can whip up in seconds and render areas dead to communication for weeks at a time as well as proving fatal to anything caught out in it. It is this barrenness that has led to it being the target of so many pirtates ambitions and the Tau of Tash'var are engaged in a constant struggle to keep their planet clean of this filth...

Ok just to get you started, remember that we can all contribute to any of the sept worlds fluff and come to an agreement e.g how many moons/suns does this sept have? how many continents? etc. All the stuff that is not vital but fills out the background of our games and makes them more... something (argh writers block!)

Edit: the reason I posted it here rather than the fluff/stories forum is that it is only realy relevant ot Tau and I wan't Tau players to see it, I wonder how many people look on the fluff/stories forum. But if this is unappropriate please move it.

So anyway post up your ideas and lets try and get some fluff for the septs. 
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Default Re: Spet worlds: fluff.

Well mine can be found on the 'Fluff/stories' subforum of the '40K creations' forum. I won't recopy it here since it's pretty long: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=55225.0

On that not, I'm wondering if this thread shouldn't be there too? Considering it's a compilation of Sept fluff.
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