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Using Apoc Flyer rules with Tau Remora
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Default Using Apoc Flyer rules with Tau Remora

Note to mods: if you feel this is better suited for the Apoc section then feel free to move it there. However, I get the impression that a number of players may wish to use the Apoc flyer rules in their normal games, so I posted it here. Plus it specifically deals with a tau unit.

OK, that lil explanation out of the way, has anyone thought about how the Remora Drone Fighter would work under the apocalypse flyer rules? Before, the remora's markerlights were unusable by the ground based tau forces since they actually fired in your opponent's turn. However, since the Apoc flyer rules have flyers conduct their movement and shooting in the player's own turn, it seems that the Remora's markers could potentially be used by the rest of the tau army!

I think I'm gonna have to upgrade my Tau UAV thing (the one from the Robotic/AI contest) to represent a Remora somehow
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Default Re: Using Apoc Flyer rules with Tau Remora

The only change that I would see for the Remora in Apoc is that it's LBBCs should be AA.* It would be reeeeely sweet if the ML was too. I'm very glad about the markerlight thing, I've never used fliers before, and haven't been too excited about them due to their odd ruleset.

I'm a bit confused about the release for IA Apocalypse, though, it seemed to state that the rules in it would replace IA update 06.* So are the Apoc flyer rules going to be the 40k flier rules?*
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Default Re: Using Apoc Flyer rules with Tau Remora

I think if the LBBC were AA mounted, they'd have to increase the price a bit more. Maybe 150 each? With the stealth field AND the AA mount, the Remora would be too powerful of an Air-to-Air platform at its current price. Right now it's a solid Air-to-Ground platform with a Stealth Field to protect it against counterattacks.
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