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[BatRep] Tau vs. Tyranids 1700 pts, Cleanse-Gamma
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Default [BatRep] Tau vs. Tyranids 1700 pts, Cleanse-Gamma

Okay, the following is a battle I had with my friend a few days back.* I will do my best to recall as much as I can from the battle, but details are a little sketchy now that some time has passed.

First, the armies (note that these armies are "Take All Comers" lists that were formulated before hand with no knowledge of what I would face, and my opponent faces off against multiple people also, so the lists were made fairly.* This explains why, for example, I had Hounds and not more Carnivores):
Me: Tau
HQ - Shas'el XV8 Fireknife
Elite 1 - Shas'vre XV8 w/AFP, BC, and MT
Elite 2 - Shas'ui TL XV8 Fireknife-6, HWMT, HWBSF
Elite 3 - Shas'ui TL XV8 Deathrain, BSF w/HWTL
* * * * * * Shas'ui XV8 Deathrain, BSF
Troops 1 - 12 FW with Shas'ui, BK, ML, HWTL
* * * * * * * Devilfish - DL, Sensor Spines
Troops 2 - 11 Kroot Carnivores, 4 Kroot Hounds
Troops 3 - 10 Kroot Carnivores, 5 Kroot Hounds
Fast Attack - 8 Pathfinders, 3 with RR and TL; Shas'ui, Bonding Knife
* * * * * * * * * * Devilfish - DL, Sensor Spines
Heavy Support 1 - 3 XV88 Shas'ui
* * * * * * * * * * * * * TL - T-L PR, DC w/2 Shield Drones, HWBSF, HWMT, HWTL
* * * * * * * * * * * * * 'ui - T-L PR, MT
* * * * * * * * * * * * * 'ui - SMS, DC w/2 Shield Drones
Heavy Support 2 - 2 Sniper Drone Teams
Heavy Support 3 - Railhead - BC, BSF, DL, Dis Pod, Flechette, MT, TL
1700 even

Opponent: Tyranids
HQ 1 - Multipurpose tricked out Warrior Squad, 3 Models
HQ 2 - Broodlord w/9 tricked out Genestealers
Troops 1 - 11 tricked out Genestealers
Troops 2 - 10 semi-tricked out Genestealers
Troops 3 - 30 Gaunts w/Devourers, Toxin Sacs
Heavy Support 1 - 2 Zoanthropes w/Warp Blast
Heavy Support 2 - tricked out Carnifex w/Barbed Strangler, Venom Cannon

We used a random terrain generator for most of the terrain.* Since this was a Cleanse Mission, I'll describe the table from one short edge to the other, starting with my quarter.

In my corner, I had 3 6-inch circular forest pieces, one at the very end of the corner of my quarter, one to the center left-edge of the quarter, and one to the rightish center of the quarter, about 8" from the top right quarter.* In the left quarter on my short edge, there was a rectangular ruins (about 8" x 4") and a 6" circular rubble adjacent to it at the back edge.* There was also a forest in the top-center of the quarter, and finally a rubble in the center-left.* In the quarter across from mine (right side, opponent's edge) there was a 6" forest, a difficult river both near the short edge centered, and near the furthest forest in my quarter about 6" away was an 8" x 4" rectangular ruins.* In my opponent's quarter there was a 3-layer hill at the center right (my right), another 6" circular rubble near the center of the board, and a ruins near the center left of his quarter (my left).

Because he was very worried about getting boned on terrain and placement, I let him choose what quarter he wanted to deploy in, so long as he agreed to place a unit first.* He agreed, and placed first.* I won't go through the nitty gritty of who placed where when, but I will describe where everything was.

First, my opponent.* He deployed before my relavent counter in at almost every turn, so I had a killer set up to wipe him out (had I foreseen this, I would have let him choose DZ and I would have deployed first.* He put his Carnifex 6" from the table center, with his Zoanthropes directly behind it, blocking my LoS to them.* He placed his tricked out Genestealer Troops squad (hereafter "painted Genestealers" because of all his Genestealers, this squad alone was painted) to my left of the Carnifex in a rough line that ran down the center to the center of the long board edge, with a grouping of 4-5 Genestealers at the back near the long edge.* He placed his semi-tricked out squad (hereafter "grey squad") to my right of the Carnie, again forming a line going back to towards his back corner, with part of it on the edge of the hill, and a grouping of 3-4 'stealers at the back.* He placed his Gaunts almost all on the hill, as close to the edge of his DZ as possible.* He Infiltrated his Broodlord w/Genestealers (he won the Infiltration roll-off against my 2 squads of Kroot) into the ruins across from my FW; he set up in the very back, keeping the FW out of LoS to them, as well as the Crisis Suits.

Now me.* I placed my Broadsides w/SD and one Sniper Drone Team in the woods at the very back of my zone, along with the second Sniper Team to the left of the same wood, and the Pathfinders in front, with their DF to the right of them to evac them if need be; all had unobstructed LoS to his Carnie and the front Genestealers.* The Railhead was placed to the left of the left Sniper Team, behind the woods in the center-left my my zone, just denying LoS from his Carnie.* I placed my FW team in the woods to the north, along with their DF behind them to evac them if needed.* I Infiltrated both Kroot Squads after my opponent's deployment, each in the south left quarter (my short edge), one in the center-left rubble, one in the center-right woods.* I didn't set them up to counter the Infiltrating Genestealers because I needed to take down the real bulk of his normal infantry, and I thought I had enough shooting at that side to take them down.* The Deathrain team I placed behind the Railhead, behind the woods, denying LoS and setting them up to shoot the advancing Genestealers.* The Fireknife-6, Shas'el, and Shas'vre were all placed behind wood the FW team was in, setting them up to shoot at the Carnie, Zoanthropes, and advancing Genestealers, whichever was most appropriate at the time.

I recently made this map in good ol' MSPaint for your viewing pleasure.

First turn:
We rolled off to see who would go first, and my opponent won, going first.* He advanced everything forward as far as possible.* After this he shot.* He fired almost everything at my FW, killing all but two.* He did fire his Barbed Strangler from the Carnie at my left-most Kroot squad, killing a few and pinning them.* He only did this when we decided he did not have LoS to the FW DF; he tried to claim that since he could see the nose of the DF, he could take a shot.* I argued that, since he could only see a 1/4" of the nose (maybe slightly less) that he did not have LoS to the "body of the model."* We were at an impasse, so we rolled off for it and I won, so he shot at the Kroot instead.* Not much to his turn besides advance and shooting at FW and Kroot.

Now me.*
Movement - I moved my Railhead left, giving it the Skimmer moving rule, and openning LoS to his now-massed Genestealers.* I put my 2 remaining FW into the DF with them and skimmed them off to preserve VP.* I joined the Shas'el to the Fireknife-6 (so they could later both benefit from the same ML shots from the PF) and moved them together to LoS to the Infiltrating Broodlord and Genestealers.* I moved the Shas'vre with AFP forward just behind the woods the FW had been in, to shoot at the Gaunts that had advanced.* Deathrains moved left to take shots at the painted Genestealers.* Both Kroot squads, PF w/DF, Snipers, Broadsides all stay stationary.
Shooting - I started by using my PF to light up the Infiltrating Broodlord w/Genestealers, who they just had LoS to.* Using the ML to reduce their cover sv. from 4+ to 6+, I then immediately shot everything the Fireknife-6 and Shas'el had, scoring...one casualty.* I then fired the AFP, which turned out to be about 1" short of range, so...whiff on that.* My Broadsides all fired at the Carnie, scoring two wounds on that.* Everyone with a RR fired at the advancing grey Genestealers, inflicting 3 casualties I believe; these were removed from the back.* I fired my Deathrains at the painted Genestealer squad, and I scored...one casualty.* My Railhead fired it's RG at the Painted Genestealers and scored 2 or 3 casulaties I believe.* Its BC were just out of range.* My non-pinned Kroot took shots on the painted Genestealer squad, inflicting a total of one casualty.* So overall my shooting was pretty abysmal, thanks to my crappy rolling.* I followed up by Assaulting all the Crisis out of LoS.

Turn 2:
Movement - He again advanced everything, only this time, he made the critical error of stretching out everything to thinly and spliting his forces, which I inadvertantly took advantage of in my shooting phase (more on this later).* The critical roll of the game, a difficult terrain test for his Infiltrated Broodlord w/'stealers, came up ones all over.*

Shooting - Although my total shooting was pretty lackluster the previous turn, he recognized the potential threat of my PF, and sought to eliminate them.* He fired his Carnie at the PF's DF; Venom Cannon scored one hit but failed to glance, but the Barbed Strangler penetrated and destroyed it.* He put the hole of the large Blast Marker at the very edge of the DF's left engine, and in this way killed 4 PF (as they were tightly grouped) along with one Sniper Drone.* He fired his Zoanthropes at my Kroot (he wasn't in range to the Railhead he figured, probably correctly) and killed one or two of them.* I succeeded the pinning test for my PF, but failed it for the Sniper team in the back wood.

Movement - The Railhead moved to the far left of the field a full 12".* The Crisis moved out to obtain LoS, but the Shas'vre I kept behind the wood at the north end of my quarter.* I moved the FW DF to the left another 12" seeking to plant it safely behind cover in the other quarter.* Pretty much everything else stayed stationary.

Shooting - Broadsides fired again at the Carnie, inflicting two more wounds, but he took the extra wound, so I didn't drop it...yet.* My lone ML PF targeted the Broodlord and 'stealers, but failed to hit.* The subsequent RR shots killed 1 'stealer from the grey 'stealer squad in the center.* this is where my opponent's spreading out of his forces really killed him.* He took both his Troop Genestealer squads and stretched them out into two long lines, with just under 2" space between each model for coherency (this was to prevent my Railhead sub from doing much damage).* So when I fired anything at him, he almost always had to take either the very front of the very rear ones away; most of my forces only had LoS to the front 'stealers, so he was forced to remove the front ones.* This was of course devastating, because every kill I got took him 2" away from an assault with me.* Worse, he split the directions of all three Genestealer squads, so he wasn't able to mass his forces and concentrate on any single point.* While I know the point of CC armies is to tie up as many shooters as possible, this glaring vulnerabilty he created for himself only intensified his predicament as my shooting continued.* Continuing, the Sniper Team in the back wood was pinned, so could do nothing, but the Team to the left fired, killing one more grey Genestealer.* I then unleashed hell from the Fireknife-6/Shas'el duo, who were in Rapid Fire range now of the Broodlord/'stealer squad, and killed 5 models IIRC.* The AFP was just in range, but scattered too far and killed only a couple of the Gaunts.* The Deathrain team fired at the grey FW squad, killing I believe 2 more there; this brought them down to non-scoring.* Than the Kroot fired, some of them in Rapid Fire range, killing off more of the painted Genestealer squad, bringing it's total down to 5 or 6 models I think.* I finished with the Railhead, whose RG took down the Carnifex, and BC killed 2 or 3 painted Genestealers, bringing that unit to non-scoring also.* This turn proved devastating to my opponent, who said he would like to play his turn of the next game turn, and if too little came of it, that we would call it.

Turn 3:
Move - He moved everything forward again.* Once again, his Broodlord w/'stealers only moved like 3", still puting them far out of range to do any real damage.

Shooting - He fired his Zoanthropes at the Railhead, stunning it, but doing no real damage.* He shot a few Gaunts at the right-most Kroot, inflicting a casualty, but he was only in range with a few, so no real damage.* His entire army still had miles to go to reach me, meanwhile I had almost everything left, as well as two scoring units in the corner to the left of mine, so we decided to call it.

That was pretty much it for the game.* Overall, despite the slaughter, we had a pretty fun time up until the last half an hour or so, when it became pretty apparent how hopeless it was for my opponent.
"They got ded big shooty gunz dat'll kill tons of boyz, but if yer can get near em den you've got a chance. Just gotta make sure you bring loads of boyz, coz you ain't gonna have a whole lot left when you get close enough to crump em." - Warloard Skarmork, The Great Despoiler
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs. Tyranids 1700 pts, Cleanse-Gamma

Always good to see more battle reports and great job on the win, have a cookie +1!

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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs. Tyranids 1700 pts, Cleanse-Gamma

Sweet man, thanks! After all the "views" of the topic and no responses, I was beginning to wonder if anyone cared.
"They got ded big shooty gunz dat'll kill tons of boyz, but if yer can get near em den you've got a chance. Just gotta make sure you bring loads of boyz, coz you ain't gonna have a whole lot left when you get close enough to crump em." - Warloard Skarmork, The Great Despoiler
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