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Question about Battlesuits.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Question about Battlesuits.

Can you use all 3 hard points with weapons and then hard-wire multi-tracters? I'm a little confused. thanx in advance
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Default Re: Question about Battlesuits.

This is possible, but there is no reason for this since you can only fire two weapon systems with a multi-tracker. Taking 3 different weapons (example: plasma, fusion, missile pod) will never work well because they cannot all be fired. However, twinlinking will allow three weapons:

This is a typical setup for a Shas'vre and Commander though, in order to take a Twin-linked weapon (2 hardpoints) and a normal weapon (1 hardpoint) then taking the hard-wired multi-tracker in order to fire them both--though technically you just took three weapon systems (but twin-linked counts them as a single weapon system instead of two seperate ones).
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Default Re: Question about Battlesuits.

They can't all be fired in the same turn. A Burst Cannon, Fusion blaster, Plasmacannon config is an interesting idea because you have some versatility, but it's (a) expensive and (b) only 2 weapons can ever be fired in one turn.
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Default Re: Question about Battlesuits.

I've seen players use 3 weapons... usually one "long range" gun and two short-ranged ones. It can work quite well, but not often.
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Default Re: Question about Battlesuits.

there is quite a bit of discussion on MTT about "utility commanders" usually just an 'O as his BS5 is needed to make maximum use of the weapons, and its always PR,FB,MP+HWMT.

lots of players are having sucess with him, personally he's a bit of a pricey HQ without an Inv. for me.

the theorum, stems from the fact that you have the Effectiveness fo Fireknife in the early game and the raw killing power of FB+PR lategame when you close in.

I still prefer the cheap firknife 'EL, the 'O is just a vey expensive unit which isnt much more durable than the normal 'El.
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