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Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)
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Default Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

So what's in your entire Tau collection? With Apocalypse, I guess a few of us are expanding our armies and collection even moreso. So put aside FoC and configurations of XV8's, and let's hear what you own

Just compiling my list at the mo...
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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

Well alot, but let see:

Rulebook 4th ed
Rulebook 3rd ed
Rulebooks 2nd ed
Tau codex (3rd ed)
Tau Empire codex (4th Ed)
Imperial Armour 3
Imperial Armour Update 2006
Cities of Death
Imperial Guard (2nd ed)
Imperial Guard (3rd Ed (Both codex))
Eye of Terror
Chapter approuved 2003, 2004
White dwarf 257, 264, 265
Imperial Armour Update Apocalypse
Imperial primer Damocles edition

1 XV-8 commander(Sunfire) with 2 bodyguard(Fireknife(S))
1 Ethereal with 12 Honour guard (Special Edition with drone controler on his back)
2 ethereal limited edition (crossed armed with rods, and the one similar but with extended arm)
1 ethereal with staff
1 ethereal with honour blade
1 ethereal with hand weapons
Commander Shadowsun (with her 3 drones)
Commander Farsight
Kroot Master shaper Angkor Pok
Lieutenant Grassen with his retenue (6 Gue'vesa+ 1 Fasces bearer)/Chimera (special character/ House rules)
XV-84 (support HQ) +2 bodyguards (Bladestorm)

12 XV-8 suits (Deathrain x3; Burning eyes x3; Firestorm x3; Helios x3)
9 XV-25 (fusion blaster x3)
7 XV-15
2 Cadian sniper
1 Vindicare Assassin ( 'count as' sniper)

24 fire warrior
40 kroots
4 shapper
12 hounds
3 krootox
19 gue'vesa
1 devilfish
13 Tarellian (Conversion/house rule)
3 baggage knarloc w/ 6 goad kroot
1 pweter Kroot warrior prototype.
14 squat (4 w/ heavy weapon)
?? IG Beastmen

Fast attack:
26 gundrones
1 pathfinder shas'ui
7 pathfinder
4 pathfinder with rail rifle
1 devilfish
12 vespid
1 vespid strain leader
3 Gue'vesa pattern sentinel w/ rail rifle (conversion)
3 circa 2nd ed sentinel
2 remora
20 vulture kindred
21 Dragor (Conversion/house rule)
12 knarloc rider

Heavy support:
3 snipers drones squads (for 9 drones)
6 broadsides (3 with plasma rifle, 3 with SMS)
1 hammerhead
1 Sky ray (or hammerhead)
12 heavy gun drone
2 heavy marker drone
3 knarloc with bolter
3 great knarloc (to assemble)

5 shield drones
2 marker drone
3 Limited edition kroot birds
4 technical drones
1 Vampire Black Coach (WH)
2 Air caste ground crew
3 Air Caste pilot
1 Dreadnought
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I Invite you to join my collective story and to add to it.

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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

1 XV8 Commander
1 Shadowsun
8 XV15s
9 XV8 Crises
4 Marker Drones
8 Pathfinders, two with rail rifles
44 Fire Warriors
3 Devilfish
2 Hammerheads
1 Sky Ray
4 Piranhas
1 XV16/2 Crossfire Warsuit xD
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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

Let's see...

6 Xv8 (1 is an XV89)
7 XV15s
6 XV25s
2 XV88
Total: 21 Battlesuits

4 Devilfish's
2 Piranha
2 Hammerheads
1 Skyray
Total: 9 Vehicles

1 Ethereal
36 Fire Warriors
24 Kroot
4 Kroot Hounds
3 Pathfinders w/ Railguns
3 Pathfinders
Total: 71 Models

28 Gun Drones
1 Sniper Drone Team
2 Marker Drones
2 Converted Kill Team Nemesis Drones
Total: 33 Drones

Grand Total: 134 Models
Cost: Lots. I don't want to know.
Points: Enough there for my ideal 2000 point army, with a ~1000 point surplus of models
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

Shas'O R'myr, 2 gun drones, 1 xv8 body guard, 1 xv81 body guard

ethereal with 6 body guards

4 xv8
3 stealth suits

1 twelve man squad with devilfish, 2 six man squads, 16 kroots 5 hounds

5 pathfinders, 2 with rail and of course a devilfish, 3 piranhas

3 xv88, a sky ray and one hammerhead

expand list for apo. : rapid insertion box, 2 vespid boxes, 3 or 4 firewarrior boxes, armoured interdiction force
for the greater good
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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

1 Forge World XV-89 Shas'O with 2 Shield Drones
1 XV-8 Commander with 1 Bodyguard
1 Ethereal (Aun'shi)
Commander Shadowsun (made to look like the DoW Shas'O)

3 marker drones (Homemade)

6 XV-8 Crisis Suits
7 XV-15 (1 has a Fusion Blaster)

48 Fire Warriors
16 Kroot
6 Kroot Hounds
30 Gue'vesa

Fast Attack:
20 Gundrones
1 Pathfinder Shas'ui
7 Pathfinders
3 Pathfinders with rail rifle
1 Devilfish
4 Piranhas ( 1 is modular so I can use it as a TX-42 as well )
11 Vespid Sting Wings

Heavy Support:
4 Broadsides Battlesuits
2 Hammerheads ( Modular so I can use them as Devilfish or Sky Rays also )

I want a Sniper Team but I may just use the Pathfinders with Rail Rifles and a modified Tank commander as a spotter.
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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

3 regular crisis suits
1 custom build crisis suit... which is way the hell bigger than he should be but I'm giving him special rules eventually...
2 broadsides, one in for repairs
1 Hammerhead, all configurations 'cept sky-ray
2 devilfish, 1 unbuilt
2 vespids... not squads
8 kroot, sold the rest to a friend who wanted them desprately because he loved the color job I did and the gore I modeled onto them with green stuff.
1 Aun'Shi
1 Shadowsun and drones
1 Aun'Va
8 gun drones
3 path finders
24 Fire Warriors, built
??? left of a 12 FW squad, since I hacked them apart for mod bits, probably going to form the basis of my kill team.
1 Void-Heart Tau Assassin. (my excuse to play a the sniper assassin who's name I've forgotten.)
2 Pirahnas

and also, if I can make good enough grades, A MANTA!!! W00T!!!

plan on expanding with more crisis suits, come stealth suits, more vespids and kroot, and maybe a few more tanks and FW's... can never have enough FW's, I've brought down soooooooo many HQ units and Heros using a constant volley of fire from 2 squads, it's funny seeing a Tyranid Player's reaction when his Carnifex or Tyrant to the basic Tau unit.
Also A sniper team cause I've seen them keep entire Space Marine armies pinned down from turn 2 if they're positioned right and you got enough of them... it's really funny to see the armored guys huddled up behind buildings.
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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

-1 Shas'o Commander
-11 Crisis Suits, which can be assembled to any configuration. About 1/3 of these are marked as Shas'vre.
-30ish Kroot
-About 16 Kroot hounds, most of which were converted from Tyranids.
-24 Fire Warriors
-1 Devilfish
-1 Hammerhead, with burst cannons. Either main weapon can be equipped.
-27 Gun/Shield drones, depending on whether I attach their carbines or not. ^^;;
-1 Piranha w/fusion blaster.
-Sniper Team
-1 Broadside
-6 Stealth Suits

I think that's it.
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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

My collection as it stands

1 crisis suit commander (custom build)
6 crisis suits (heavily converted)
6 stealth suits 9slighhtly converted)
40 fire warriors (partially converted)
24 kroots
6 kroot hounds
4 devilfishes (slightly converted)
3 hammerheads
2 skyrays
14 drones
3 pirahnas
6 vespids
12 pathfinders (4 with rail rifle)

I used to have some quevesa and and a broadside, but I either sold them or chop them up for bitz. However may plan to buy Broadsides again.
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Default Re: Your Tau collection (all Tau unite!)

12 fire warriors
1 Crisis suit
1 Devilfish
1 Ethereal
1 Broadside
3 Stealth suits
7 Gun drones
1 Marker drone
10 Kroot

What I've ordered and waiting for...:
Crisis suit commander
Armoured interdiction cadre (2 Hammerheads 1 skyray)
Rapid insertion force (9 Crisis suits, 3 Stealth suits)
And fire warrior box
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