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Deathrain variant names
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Default Deathrain variant names

I thought up a few names for Deathrain (TL MP XV8s) variants for fun. Is there a more canonical list anywhere?

Firerain : TL MP & Flamer
Hawkrain : TL MP & TA (aka Deathrain+)
Voidrain : TL MP & Shield Gen (Great against powerweapon'd forces BTW)
Shadowrain : TL MP & BSF
Sunrain : TL MP & FB

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Default Re: Deathrain variant names

I vote we do all new players a favor and not add any more "buzzwords" that they have to learn before being able to discuss their army on the internet.

Is it really all that tough to just say, "Deathrain with Flamer"?
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Default Re: Deathrain variant names

Amen! By the way, what's FTW?
...and woot?
...or IIRC?
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Default Re: Deathrain variant names

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly - this one is the only acceptable of the ones mentioned, btw (by the way )

I agree with Tonka; Deathrains is just a great name, and "Deathrain with Flamer/TA/whatever" is easier than anything else. Besides, the weapons loadout of a Crisis is it`s main attribute, and should be the main naming factor - secondary systems are only, as the name suggests, secondary.
Furthermore, using the proposed naming scheme would erase Deathrain from the nomenclature, since you HAVE to use a tertiary system

Besides, I don`t even know the names for other configs apart from Fireknife and Deathrain - and I`m playing Tau since they came out, all those years ago. I definitely couldn`t be bothered to re-learn my Deathrains...

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Default Re: Deathrain variant names

There's a site that goes over all the configurations (At least the one's suggested by GW): http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/bat...figurations/1/

And most people tend to go for the same configurations any way...
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Default Re: Deathrain variant names

Whats wrong with FTW and W00t?

FTW just means "For The Win", and w00t is just a happy sounds gamers make when they frag someone.

As to the variant deathrain topic, only the 2 most common variants(flamer and TA) should even be considered. But since the TA'd ones are most common those are just regular deathrains and I tend to refer to the flamer variety as "Cheaprains" when I am feeling particularly lazy and don't want to type "Deathrain with Flamer".

-my 2 pence
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Default Re: Deathrain variant names

I'd have to agree with T0nka here, we don't need any more names, it would just get too confusing. The names for a particular battlesuit configuration tends to refer to the two main weapons anyway, as the secondary systems aren't as important.

We have a list here: Refined XV8 Naming Scheme which covers the now widely accepted naming system for battlesuit configurations.

Might I add, the TL Missile Pod + Fusion Blaster combo would be called Firesurge-7. As for the other combinations that you have listed, whether the 'secondary' weapon/system is a flamer/bsf/TA etc, isn't as important. So I don't think it needs its own name - Deathrain is instantly recognisable for the main purpose of the suit - it's twin-linked missile pods.
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