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Shield drones
Closed Thread
Old 24 Mar 2005, 20:59   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Shield drones

Do shield drones got an other model than the gun drone model?
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Default Re: Shield drones

yes they do, they have metal components and come in pathfinder and stealth shas'ui team leader blister packs. However a normal gun drone with two pairs of antennae stuck on it will look fine!
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Default Re: Shield drones

Don't they also come with Ethereals?

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Default Re: Shield drones

you get a sheild drone with any of the metal Sushi models (Stealth or PF) and the etheral to my knowledge, wether thay are any use is another story ^-^
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Default Re: Shield drones

Originally Posted by AvalonSurfer739
Don't they also come with Ethereals?
no they dont.i wish they did tho...
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