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The Earth caste and XV-2 models??
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Kroot Shaper
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Default The Earth caste and XV-2 models??

If you look on the bottom of page 35 in the box that reads "THE XV22 BATTLESUIT" in the first paragaph it says this Tau battlesuit technology is ever evolving, for the Tau learn from experience and utlilise thier technology to overcome those obstacles that stand in the way of the Greater Good. Current marks of battlesuit are easily mass-produced and known to be reliable, yet there are a number of other models in development, many of which makes use of technological devlopments that the Earth caste are not able to produce on a mass scale. The reason why I bolded that last part is because from that statment I was wondering (fluff-wise) if there would be more XV-2 models that other commanders have? Or is there fluff stating that the Earth caste would not have other XV-2s and that the XV22 is the only one?
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Default Re: The Earth caste and XV-2 models??

If you have played Dawn of War Dark Crusade then you have your answer already.

Rules wise there aren't anymore XV-22's but that doesn't stop you from using it as a counts as crisis suit for a standard commander. That fluff piece could also be referring to the command variant Crisis Suits forgeworld produces.

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Default Re: The Earth caste and XV-2 models??

Yeah, there are probably quite a few versions of the XV-22 in development (the second 2 signifies it's a prototype, but there's nothing specifying its 'model' of prototype).

There are probably quite a few other XV-22s in development (like O'Kais' in Dawn of War), that can do a wide variety of things.
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Default Re: The Earth caste and XV-2 models??

Their are also the FW variant suits which show that the current codex listings are far from the only suits used by the Tau Empire.
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