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What next...
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Default What next...

Okay, I have 3,000 points of Tau, including at least one of everything that's not Kroot or Vespid (I know lots of people agree with me - the Tau army looks so co-ordinated together, the Kroot and Vespid kinda spoil this). That's not including my Titan :P

So, I have about 120 to spend on Tau now. My ambition is to eventually have a full size Kavaal (damn straight), so it doesn't really matter what I spend it on as it'll all be needed eventually. So here's the contenders:

1) Lots of Fire Warriors
2) Rapid Insertion Force
3) More tanks! (all bar one of my squads is in a Devilfish now anyway)
4) Tigershark/Tigershark A-X
5) Barracuda. Or two ;D
6) A mixture of the above (e.g. the RIF is only 75 so there's still room to buy other stuff)


7) Get lots of Kroot (I'll only use Kroot if I get enough to field a Kroot mercenary force alongside, maybe 1,000pts. And I'll want a Greater Knarloc in that )

So - you guys are the experts. What do you think?
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Default Re: What next...

Rapid Insertion Force! Thats a very good deal. I was thinkin of gettin that for my birthday. But I didnt seeing I rarely play battles over 1500 pts, And a 1500 points battlesuit list is very terrain dependant
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Default Re: What next...

If you wanna keep your army Kroot free I would continue to stay away from them. I probably would go with a RIF as suggested above and with the leftover funds grab a few FW squads. The RIF I was told will only be available for a limited amount of time during apocolypse and after a while will no longer be made. If this is the case take advantage of the deal while you can.
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Default Re: What next...

Definately more suits, i love the suits, broardsides! and more fire warriors is a possibility. im keeping kroot out of my army too they look ugly in with my tau, although im considering vespids (for tactical reasons)!
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Default Re: What next...

Have you considered taking any stealth's? They are quite usefull when deep striking near enemy lines.

If you are are going to take stealth's though, i would take XV15's

Actually, i already did! :P
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Default Re: What next...

Ooo! Get the RIF! I just bought it a couple days ago. It's a truly great deal. But make sure you magnetize the Crisis suits. With that many, it's a lot of fun to try out different combinations.
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