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Tau Apocalypse
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Default Tau Apocalypse

OK, im setting up for a game using the Apocolypse rules and Im porbably faceing IG and Black Templars so im looking for some suggestions and ideas. I am building an armylist now and any loadouts or specialized troop info would be much appreciated... I know im going to deploy a few Marine Melter suits, but otherwise...
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Default Re: Tau Apocalypse

Because of that pesky Black Templars rule where shooting makes them move forward, I would pick the nearest unit and shoot seven shades of implants out of them, then the next unit, so they struggle to get into combat and you have an easier time with target priority. Basicallly you need as many fire warriors as possible in devilfishes to avoid killer CC units, backed up with some sweeping V8s.
Against IG you need broadsides to counter tanks, and plenty of snuggled in Fire Warriors. As long as you use V8s, V25s, pirahnas and broadsides to kill tanks, you will have the advantage as your fire warriors will have range, strength and armour against their IG counter parts. Remember that a good-strength unit of FWs can easily take down a sentinel, so don't waste heavy weps on them.

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