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My Friend and the new Chaos
Old 25 Oct 2007, 22:32   #1 (permalink)
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Default My Friend and the new Chaos

My friends and I have started a campaign (which I am losing, only been playing for a year, and they have 5 years + exp) and last week i ran into a new Chaos list.

I found that i couldn't do anything to touch him really, he had a Chaos Lord of some sorts, on a mount with a weapon that ignored my armour (had to test against perils of the warp and the like) and a Demon Prince with that Lash of submission. They could both move at an obscene speed and found that i couldn't avoid this lash of submission. He was tag team the two HQ's, using the Lash Of submission to move my suits etc towards his lord, who would then lock them in combat.

He then had a static element to compliment his CC side, 2 Sqauds of Noise Marines with "Master Blasters??" who had the range to shoot both my DF down with no problems before i could FoF anything. He finally had 2 squads of 3 Termies with assault cannons.

Any tips on how to compete with this in Tau terms? Models i currently have:

16 Kroot
24 Fire Warriors
1 Crisis commander
3 Crisis suits
4 Stealths
2 Broadsides
1 Pirahna
A Multitude of drones
And the ability to proxy certain elements.

Thanks Guys!
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Default Re: My Friend and the new Chaos

Well I have not played the new Chaos list yet , but if he is running his HQs out in front burn them down with anything thats in weapons range.

How many points were you playing? And what list were you using?
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Default Re: My Friend and the new Chaos

I have been having good luck prioritizing on those HQ/lash guys so far. By what I have been up against, the chaos players tie up a little too much of their strategy around lash tactics. I like using sniper drones to marker light, then blast those Hq guys immediately. Keep dispersed too. It hurts at first tying up shooting these guys, but pays off as I have been able to make their coordination suffer. So far anyway. My main opponent will change up every three games, so we will see.

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Default Re: My Friend and the new Chaos

Mount up. Buy some fish and put your warriors in them. I don't believe he can lash a vechile right?

Also possibly try to hide your suits as Lassh requires LOS.
Hard if his prince is winged but normally doable.

probably give your broadsides A.S.S as he could lash them behind cover to nullify your big guns.

It was unlucky to lose both your fish to Blast masters as I believe he can only have one per unit he must have shot down a fish a turn. Not easy to do once you start moving.

Chaos Termies can't take asault cannons, (probably feilding Reaper Autocannons) and 2 units of three deepstriking behind your lines is a bit nasty, and unfortunately relatively cheap points wise in the new dex.

Keep in mind that they are coming down and try to have some Suits with plasma or fusion nearby to cleane them up when they come down. You should be able to predict with some degree of accuracy where they are going to land.
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