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Battrep: 400 Point Combat Patrol Vs. Tyranids
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Default Battrep: 400 Point Combat Patrol Vs. Tyranids

So I got my friend a Tyranid Battleforce as a Groomsman gift for my wedding, and we tested it out the other day playing a combat patrol, which we play for six rounds not by taking leadership checks like the CP rules state. I’m now glad that I don’t have to face Necrons every time we play now. The lists are below:

Thunderrain: team leader TLMP, AFP, HWMT
Deathrain: TLMP with flamer
XV15 X 3
Kroot X 10 with one Hound
Fire Warriors X 6
Gue’vessa X 7

Tyranid Warriors X 3 with wings, extended carapace, scything talons
Genestealers X 8
Spinegaunts X 8
Hormaguants X 8

We played on a 4 X 4 board, with mostly buildings as cover. We were playing a campaign game, and were fighting in the slums of Golgotha, with Chaos cultists sniper rules being used. Basically at the end of ever players turn, any lone models take a Str 4 hit from a Chaos cultist sniper; armor saves were allowed.


He had the unit of Genestealers on my right flank, behind a building, and the rest of his forces on the left flank behind a building. I had my Thunderrain behind a forest the Kroot were in on the right flank, to counter the Genestealers. My Fire Warriors and Stealth suits were in the middle, to deal with either threat. The Gue’vessa were in a building on the left, with the Deathrain behind them.

Game: He rolls to go first.

Turn 1:
Tyranids: The large swarm on the left fleets down the side of the board, and keeps a large building that runs lengthwise down the side, between his forces and mine. The Genestealers run up behind a second smaller forest opposite of my Kroot.

Tau: My Deathrain jumps our and aims his missiles down the alley, trying to ignore the gaunts in favor of hitting the warriors. He fails his target priority check though and obliterates a Spinegaunt. My Thunderrain bounds out from behind the forest and along with the Stealth team, opens fire on the Genestealers. The pulse/AFP/MP fire takes out five of eight, and they pass morale. Suits bound back to safety but Deathrain takes a wound from Chaos sniper.

Turn 2:
Tyranids: Genestealers have one chance to make it to my Kroot and not be stuck in the open, but move through cover = 4 and fleet = 1. They are stranded at the edge of the woods. The large swarm moves closer to my lines, with the Spinegaunts spreading out through the building, allowing me to shoot them.

Tau: My Kroot move forward to double tap the Genestealers, and the Stealths move to be able to fire on them or the Spinegaunts. The Deathrain and Thunderrain move to engage the swarm. The Kroot fire: 20 shots, 8 hits, 3 wounds----3 failed saves: all Genestealers dead. The Stealth Suits and Gue’vessa take down three Spinegaunts, the Deathrain fails to cause a wound on the Warriors, and the Thunderrain can’t see through the dense terrain. The Deathrain takes another wound from the Cultists, but saves this time.

Turn 3:
Tyranids: The swarm charges the Gue’vessa, and a Hormagaunt saves with his 6+ to the lone wound the Gue’vessa make. Then five of them fall to claw and teeth, fail moral, and get swept. The Gaunts consolidate in that building and the Warriors in the one across the street they had been running behind.

Tau: The Deathrain and Thunderrain use their cover save denying weaponry on the Hormagaunts, but only kill two. The Stealths and Fire Warriors kill all but one remaining Hormagaunt with pulse fire. The Kroot take aim on the Warriors, and kill the only one in range. Once again the Deathrain takes a wound from the snipers, but saves.

Turn 4:

Tyranids: The Spinegaunts fire on the Deathrain, who saves, and then charges him along with the two remaining Warriors. The lone Hormaguants charges the Thunderrain. The Deathrain is torn apart and the Spinegaunts and Warriors consolidate closer in the Gue’vessa building, while the Thunderrain takes a wound, but holds.

Tau: The Fire Warriors move into cover, expecting a charge next turn and fire on the Warriors, and kill one. The Kroot and Stealths wipe out the Spinegaunts, while the Thunderrain and Hormagaunt fight to a stalemate.

Turn 5:
Tyranids: The last remaining Tyranid, a Warrior, charges the Fire Warriors in cover. One of them bravely smashes the creatures face with the butt of his pulse rifle and causes a wound before he kills half of them, and they hold. The Hormagaunt is finally crushed by the Thunderrain.

Tau: The Kroot move to get a clear shot at the Warrior, as do the Stealths. Another Fire Warrior dies, but the last couple hold. The Thunderrain is killed by a Chaos Cultist Sniper.

Turn 6:
Tyranids: The Warrior kills the last of the Fire Warriors, and stays in cover.

Tau: The Kroot rapid fire the Warrior and kill the last of the Tyranids.

Results: Solid Victory for Tau!!

What I learned:
The synapse creatures really need to be taken out as soon as possible. I should have deployed my suits to hit them with the MP and left the Kroot and Fire Warriors to deal with the Genestealers.

Chaos Cultists Snipers stink, and in the future I won’t be using Monats on Golgotha.

Pulse fire works wonders, even if Gaunts are in cover. Wounding on a 2+ forces a lot of cover saves.

Next time we are going to 500 points, and he is adding a Sniperfex, and I will probably bring an Ionhead.
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Default Re: Battrep: 400 Point Combat Patrol Vs. Tyranids

Good battle report. To bad all the Gue'vesa got killed though.
"Okay, my Commisar charges your Chosen squad, that squad of Marines there will open up on the squad of Cultists, my Predator will shoot your Rhino, and, oh yes, my Warlord Titan shoots in the general direction of your army and kills everything. Good game, man."
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Default Re: Battrep: 400 Point Combat Patrol Vs. Tyranids

I wish the Gue'vessa had survived so I could write up a good narrative of the battle for the campaign, and use that to recruit more Gue'vessa. I have a feeling that no one wants to sign up to later be torn apart by nightmarish monsters.
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Default Re: Battrep: 400 Point Combat Patrol Vs. Tyranids

Nice report, Kudos on the win!
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Default Re: Battrep: 400 Point Combat Patrol Vs. Tyranids

Thanks Israfel. Tonight I fight against 100 more points. I will be sure to write up a battrep for that fight as well. Let other Tau learn from my mistake against the Tyranids.
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