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tau commander
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Default tau commander

Wich is better crisis or ethereal.

P.S. it cost twice as much plus a dollar to get a crisis siut commander on the gw site.
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Default Re: tau commander

I'd probably go with the Crisis Suit Commander, because he's mandatory. :P
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Default Re: tau commander

Well, grammar and spell check is free.


Well, under this codex you MUST have a crisis commander, thats what 1+ means.

So I would get one of those. Check Ebay for cheaper ones than GW, you can get second hand and new ones with money off from the GW price.

As for ethereal, don't bother. The new rules for them have hamstrung their abilities, so its not worth it.
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Default Re: tau commander

And unless you want to use one of the 'New' heads, one of the special weapon or the command nod(I think that' how it is called)* you could simply use a regular crisis suit and say it is your commander (thus saving some money) .

Aside from that like already mention Crisis suit is mandatory. The ethereal is only available as secondary HQ and that's if you really want too.

Another option is commander Shadowsun who can be used as your mandatory HQ.
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Default Re: tau commander

Also, there is one further point. I will keep it simple, and not use elaborate explanations.
For the moment, just remember this:

Ethereals SUCK, and you should not take them 999/1000 cases.

That`s it in a nutshell. The Commander, on the other hand, is an uber-Crisis Suit - what`s not to like about him? Sure, he costs more money, but you can use a normal Crisis Suit (and if you`re complaining about the cost of a Crisis suit and want to play without them - you`ve probably picked the wrong army).

So, Commander all the day (and he`s mandatory, as has already been said).

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Default Re: tau commander

One commander boxs gives you all you need to make a commander with any weapon loadout you want. Plus you get two head options per box so if you want to run two commanders you can just get a regular suit and give him your additional head.
Also as everyone has said you need at least 1 commander to lead your Fire Caste warriors. Ethereals aren't there to fight or sort out tactics. They are there to preach!.
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