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Piranhas and vespids: yes or no??
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Default Piranhas and vespids: yes or no??

Hi Guys new to the forum, and new to Tau, although been playing 40k for a few years now, previous armies are dark eldar and nids, so tau is a major change for me.

Just wondering if you guys recommend the above units, as not many lists on the forum include them, but vespids especially seem pretty potent to me.

lokk forward to your feedback, thanks.
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Default Re: Pirahnas and vespids: yes or no??

Well I guess it all depends whay elese you will be fielding with them. but in general piranhas make for descent tank hunter (especially with Fusion blaster)...and the vespid can also be quit useful...although very few people actually likes them.
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Default Re: Pirahnas and vespids: yes or no??

Welcome to the forums!

Piranhas are a definite yes. They open up a wide range of tactical options not found anywhere else in the list, and they also form a strong third option for tank hunting after the Hammerhead and the Broadside.

Vespids are a little harder to judge. They are nice and fast, but they are not good in close combat and they can not stand up to return fire from just about any enemy unit with a gun. They are also somewhat useless against anything not wearing Power Armor.

So the best use I have seen for them is as a backup unit for Crisis Suits tasked with killing outlying Marine squads. As long as they can wipe their target out in one round of shooting, they are fine. Having Crisis suits help them is a good way to ensure this.

Another option which I have not tried is to support them with units of Kroot. The Vespids shoot down some of the Marines, and then the Kroot charge in to clean up the survivors. If they can avoid killing all of the Marines, this protects both the Kroot and the Vespids behind them from return fire.
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Default Re: Pirahnas and vespids: yes or no??

yeah if i went for pirahnas would def go with fusion blasters.

stealth would probably go in most army lists where im tempted to put vespids in. will try a few army combinations and see what works for me.


would only ever use vespids against standard ap3 armies, so that makes sense.

i just figure no point in taking stealth suits against a marine army, may as well take vespids in their place.

Thanks for the post
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Default Re: Pirahnas and vespids: yes or no??

As Khanaris alluded to, Vespids are units that must be used with good judgement.

I myself find them most useful as a base-protection force against jump marines. I try to Markerlight for them, improving their BS to 5, that way the hit on 2's and have a much better chance to vape their target. Just keep in mind you can ONLY Markerlight for them if the Strain Leader is still alive.
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Default Re: Piranhas and vespids: yes or no??

I say Piranhas are a big yes from me. With its excellent speed, and Fusion Blaster, it is amazing at taking out the lumbering tanks of the other armys. Throw a seeker on it, and you get a easy first turn side or even rear armour shot.

I have a squad of Vespids that I have used, but never found much use for. Markerlight support is important, and you need to be close to the enemy. They have a good toughness, but a 5+ armour save is as good as no armour save in this game. So basically unless you absolutely destroy the unit you are firing at with these guys, the next turn they are just green bug smears on the battlefield.
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Default Re: Piranhas and vespids: yes or no??

i would say yes to pirahnas, (maaybe just 2 of them) them are gtreat with their 'fast' special rule, for recon, they can blast up into the enemis deployment area and pick of the enemy for the gameand win, or thay can make last miuit dashes for objectives.

however i would say no to vespids as they are to fragile
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Default Re: Piranhas and vespids: yes or no??

Piranhas with fusion blasters are a definite yes. As people of said, Vespids must be taken with a little bit more care. Despite the fact that they are a jump infantry, they're better deployed defensively. Don't move them out from behind terrain until you know for sure that you can get a kill with them... Personally, I don't find the effective enough to have actually bought a model for them (actually, I dislike the Vespid models), but I've proxied them once or twice, and they're usually reasonably effective. With ONE higher stat, they'd be infinitely better. Either BS 4, or S 4, or two attacks... ):
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Default Re: Piranhas and vespids: yes or no??

Vespid are very usefull if you are careful with them. They are jump infantry but have onl12" range guns so keep them out of line of sight until you need to spring them on that team of assault marines or bikes or deepstriking immortals. Then when the opponent draws near to the piece of terrain they are hiding behind, simply use their skilled flyer ability to jump into the terrain and spring the trap. Markerlight hits are a must, but if anything survives be sure to charge it and use your superior advantage to at least get some hits in and also to avoid bolter fire which cuts through their armor.

Another thing you can do is to rush some Piranhas in front of the piece of cover they jumped into thus screening the Vespid in a pseudo fish of fury. I cll this tactic the "bug screen".

Kroot can also be usefull for this since the Vespid can typically kill all but a few marines from even a 10 man squad so anything left the Kroot can typically charge and be reasonably assured of winning combat at which point their CC blocks LOS to the Vespid behind them thus the rest of his army will be unable to target them.

But where Vespid truly shine is in Cities of Death. Using their fleet ability to jump from 4+ cover to 4+ cover and staing largely out of sight, Vespid are great at capturing table quarters and outflanking the enemy thus pinning him down. Skilled flyer also keeps them alive in this endeavor.

So Vespid can be good you just have to be carefull like anythign else. Piranhas likewise are the same way just a little more defensive in nature. ANd oh yeah I love Piranhas with a passion.
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Default Re: Piranhas and vespids: yes or no??

Originally Posted by israfel420
ANd oh yeah I love Piranhas with a passion.
No you jest

Seriously though, does anyone else not think that Vespids are really bad. A unit that has to hide in cover until a unit comes within range and then also rely on other units to keep them safe or finish of the unit they targeted.
Cities of Death is fair enough (if you play it a lot) but in general 40K games, c'mon these things are really bad.

It would not be so bad if they were cheaper but they cost more than a Marine and if you sneeze in thier direction they die due to that awful armour save and terrible weapon range combination.

I can honestly say I will never use this unit in a standard 40K battle, there is simply nothing I would lose to take these.

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