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Now which?
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Default Now which?

What should I get out of:

12 firewarriors - £18
2 krootox - £20
1 piranha - £15
pathfinders - £7 for 1) 3 2) 2 with RR 3) 1 shas'ui

I curently lean my playstyle towards getting as many big guns on the field as possible, so therefore hybrid leaning about 65/35 static. I have:

1 squad FW
1 squad Kroot
2 broadsides
1 gunship
1 devilfish
2 crisis suits
3 stealth suits
And the drones from the battleforce box.
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Default Re: Now which?

I'd say Firewarriors or Piranha.
Firewarriors are always useful, but a Piranha adds that Fast Attack element to your force which can help capture objectives, assist-screen firewarriors, and hunt armor w/ fusion blaster if you want...

Am I reading your pathfinder choice right in that you're paying 7 for either 1, 2, or 3? Or is that 7 for 6 pathfinder models?
Krootox are not very... practical... in my (limited) experience. If I recall, they take away your kroot's ability to infiltrate.
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Default Re: Now which?

I would agree that with what yuo got the Fire warrior or piranha would be your best bet.

Krootox does stip your ability to infiltrate so I would say that before buing them, get some hounds and another squad of kroots. so that Squad A (Kroot and hound) can infiltrate and Squad b (Kroot and krootox) provide extra fire power. This is what I did.

Pathfinder could be fun, but work better in larger army.
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Default Re: Now which?

I'd go for more Fire warriors. They're a solid troop option and I always field two units of them rather than one. They're the back bone of your force and reliable source of back up fire when you need the support (from long range or deployed from a fish). Plus I'd say its a little more fluffy to have at least a second unit of fire warriors. Of coarse its all on you man, do what you think will benefit your playstyle best.
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Default Re: Now which?

Get the Piranha, I think. They're actually one of my favourite units to field. I call them "suicide sleds" because of their low armour and relatively cheap cost (75 points for the upgraded version I use), and my opponents never seem to know what to make of them. They tend not to shoot at them enough, allowing the little guys to slip through behind enemy lines and cause havoc, dropping random gun drones and blowing up the occasional tank.
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Default Re: Now which?

Well you don't have a HQ yet... so I say a battlesuit commander

But out of the list you gave, I would get 2 Krootox
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