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Tau Kill team vs. Eldar
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Default Tau Kill team vs. Eldar

I recently played my first two Kill Team games and I did not fare so well. :-\ I played as brutes then as the Kill Team, when I was the KT it was a hit-and-run mission with a ten member Vespid kill team (broke one mutable law) and when my Eldar opponent's turn it was Sabotage, and he won both times. His KT was 8 or 10 Dire Avengers - I don't recall exactly, but it was all Dire Avengers - no broken mutable rules. I've read the excellent Advanced Tau Tactica article on Kill Team several times and I'll admit I should read it a good deal more as I didn't take some of it's advice to heart, namely about Las Traps.

For game setup he wasn't planning on taking any specialist kits so all I had was 20 points, which was all going into las traps and he was no fan of that, so he took Silencers and I got all excited about having 30 points and took a Stealthsuit for my boss with no traps.

In the game he puttered around the edge of the board, took out a squad or two of drones then hauled it to the objective. The Stealthsuit sitting on the top of it managed to kill all of one DA before they assaulted and destroy said objective. I think all game I accrued 3 klaxon counters.

When I was the KT I started off strong - I gave my vespids Camo Gear with the intention of using them for hit-and-run style attacks - I'd move in, kill a squad, then fall back. Once he'd accrued like 3 klaxon counters I'd back a turn or two and let 'em evaporate. This worked for a little while, then I got over ambitious - I was worried about him making enough control rolls with the two squads that were close to my team so I used their special move to get my vespids 12 away, and in doing so gave another klaxon away. By that point he was back up to three and got a good controlling roll, a squad became active and I eliminated another, adding another two klaxons. The game ended poorly from there. I did discover something interesting though - when my vespids got into assault they fared significantly better than they did absorbing fire from the guardians. Granted I rolled well and there were only two vespids left at that point, but I was still quiet pleased.

Also, instead of 10 Vespids, I'm considering other KT configurations. I would so like to take Stealthsuits but the last thing I need is to be breaking that many mutable laws. The 3 suit 6 drone team in the Tau Tactica article intrigued me, especially with being able to pin but that's three more squads for him, totaling 30 guardians. The idea I'm most in love with is Honour Guard FWs. If I took 8 of them, a Shas'ui, then a Pathfinder with a Rail Rifle, then two gun drones (as wargear on the Shas'ui) that'd do real well for Assassination yeah? And what, two mutable laws broken (no ethereal and more than one squad entry)? Plus in most other missions I'd get to hang back on one edge of the table and pick away at his brutes with relative impunity (unless he had the foresight to take a doomsday device) then stride in and claim the objective.

So I'm wondering what those more experienced than myself think and if anyone has any tips for facing Eldar in kill team (or in general for that matter.) Any thoughts on kill team composition are greatly appreciated as well.

Also, some rule clarification questions:
In Sabotage, all he had to do was assault my central objective to destroy it? How meltabombs work in that regard?
If a unit gets shot at and some survive, it doesn't become aware, does it?
What exactly are the restrictions on movement? I feel like in the rulebook you're not allowed Fleet and JSJ, but the Tau Tactica article says you are... or like the rules are different for the KT and the brute squads... so confused...
The Tau might seem reasonable when compared to the Imperium's other implacable enemies, like Chaos or the Tyranids, but they are ruthless in pursuit of their own ends. ~Imperial Armour vol. 3
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