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Kroot Swarm....viable?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Kroot Swarm....viable?

I got to looking at my codex today, and something popped into my mind - could you successfully field a Kroot-strong army?

For 240 points, you can field a Shaper, 19 Kroot w/ saves, and 10 Hounds. That's a 30-model squad that can infiltrate. If you charged into the fray with that squad, unless I've done my math right, you get a total of 92 attacks (if you can get everything within 2", a tough feat no doubt).

Considering this points cost, it seemed like an interesting idea to have these huge squads in higher-point games.
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Default Re: Kroot Swarm....viable?

Squads that large don't really work that well unless you go ALL OUT on them. It's hard to fit that many models into cover, and with a middling LD7-8 they will fail a LOT of leadership and pinning tests...especially pinning tests. Plus, with such a large unit if they DO break, that's a whole lotta points down the hole.

They are VERY cheap, however. Ten kroot and ten hounds with a shaper comes to a mere 151 points, and makes an excellent forward combat stall (I5 hounds means that they can hold their own, or even best other combat units even in prolonged engagements) as 20 models can just barely fit into cover if you know what you're doing, and provides some bolter fire to retard enemy infantry on the way in.
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Default Re: Kroot Swarm....viable?

The problem with Kroot is Initiative. Without armor or a Frag Grenade Equivalent, you tend to lose a lot of them before any get a chance to attack. Even if you wipe out your target, the unit as a whole is not good for many charges after that. For an example of how much of a difference this makes, you need only look at Dark Eldar Wyches or Howling Banshees. They depend on being able to kill their opponent before any attacks come back at them. Kroot do not have that luxury. This is why they tend to stay in the trees in a lot of Tau armies, relying on their opponent to attack, removing the disadvantage of their lower Initiative.
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