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New to kroot
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Default New to kroot

I've been playing tau for a couple years and have come to love their clean cut look as well as their small and effective units. For the longest time I have been able to beat back almost any army without using anything other then actual tau and tau technology, and this was the way I liked it. I would rarely want to take drones and I did not want any vespid or kroot what so ever. over time my friends began to find ways around my strategies and to stop them I had to change my army structure. This meant using more drones and starting to use vespid. that held me over for a little while, but now I fear that I am being forced to change strategies again. Now I look to the kroot to save my army.

Basically what I'm saying is I have never used meat shield like melee models like the kroot before and was wondering if any one had any suggestions. I would prefer not use any kroot at all but I don't think thats really an option anymore. That and having more of any model would be nice with Apocalypse starting up.

How many is too many? Is it a good idea to have a huge glob of 20+ kroot running around, or would it be better to use them in smaller units?

What about hounds, shapers, and krootox? I rarely hear about anyone using hounds or krootox so are they any good? Hounds seem to be the best melee the tau army has. Krootox seem like a waste. Is taking a shaper necessary for keeping kroot alive, useful on occasion, or completely useless all the time?

Are there any special cases? I know how kroot can be very effective when used in forests, but other then that is there any situation that kroot can really be worth having? Are there situations that are suicidal to take kroot, maybe against certain armies, for certain missions, or on certain tables (city, desert, wasteland, etc etc etc) ?

I would be very grateful to anyone who could explain these to me, and If there is any other helpful information about the kroot I would love to hear that too.
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Default Re: New to kroot

Kroot are good in any game where they can occupy hard cover. (4+ Save or better)
Units of 10 with no upgrades are the most tactically flexible.
Units of 15+ with Ox, and Shaper are good for protecting/counter-assaulting static fire-bases.
Units of 10 with 4+ Hounds are good for assaulting most non-MEQ troops, but it's risky. (Having no save and all)

Remember, Kroot are able to infiltrate, so can be deployed either to help Stealthsuits or provide a distraction so they don't get shot as much.
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Default Re: New to kroot

Kroot always seem to do amazingly when I field them, as long as there's ruins or forests that they can hole up in. A group of 15 can beat down just about any non-dedicated Assault squad. (45 WS 4 S 4 attacks when they charge!) My opponents usually do one of three things with them.
-Ignore them completely, in which case they get 30 S4 rapid-fire shots coming their way or I get free squad with which to hold an objective.
-Send a single group of foot-sloggers after the "weak" unit, in which the Kroot hide in cover (forest, preferably, or ruins if the forest isn't available), denying the opponent line-of-site or at least giving me a 4+ cover save, until they are in assault range, in which case everything from Space Marines to Dark Eldar gets the poop beaten out of it.
-Send half their army after it when it infiltrates right up to an objective. The Kroot get massacred, but do reasonable damage to their enemies, and the Tau get into perfect positions for pounding away at the Kroot-focused enemy army.

I often equip a shaper because it is legal to take two wounds on him, then apply the rest as normal to the one-wound Kroot. (It's in the bottom paragraph of the left side of pg. 27 in the rule book, if you want to know... Applying wounds until one model is dead only applies to squads with multiple multi-wound models. With one of 'em and a bunch of singles, it's okay to soak wounds. Please let me know if this is illegal, but it seems to be okay...) This strategy can really help with avoiding leadership tests. I also take Kroot hounds a lot... Their high initiative is very helpful, and they're dirt cheap.
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Default Re: New to kroot

I like Kroot one of 2 ways:

The first is the already mentioned minimum 70 point 10 man team used a pillbox to shoot out of cover and preferably with a 4+ cover save.

The other is a mxed out infiltrating unit of 20 Kroot + 8 hounds(and a shaper is nice too but don't pay for the 6+ armor save).

The reason I like the big unit is simply how hard it is to kill as well as how many shots they pump out and how relatively cheap they are.

For only 188 points you get a full 28 models. That means that your opponent has to kill fully 7 models before they even have to take a 25% leadership test. Additionally they can lose 8 hounds before they start to lose firepower and STR4 weapons that are 20 strong is no joke especially in rapid fire range.

This unit is absolutely horriffic to face in assault too since Kroot hit as hard as assault marines with WS4 STR4 and 2 attacks base and any hounds left for assault usually go first with their I5. Oh sure they crumple like paper with no armor save, but with so many bodies they usually hold for several rounds before they are outnumbered if that ever even happens. Heck I have assault a Slaaneesh demon prince with these guys and killed it after two rounds because I was throwing 40 some odd attacks with 60(ish) on the charge.

The only 2 issues really with this unit is leadership and cover save removing weapons. Leadership is an issue since once you do lose seven models the entire force is testing on a 7 thus a 21 points spent on a shaper for a few extra attacks and 1 point to LD may be a wise purchase. Personally I like to join a nearby SHas'El to the unit to allow them to test on a 9 and any non power weapon hits I like to go ahead and save with the 'El(or 'O as the case may be).

The other mentioned problem are cover save removing weapons like heavy flamers and AFP. Not a whole lot you can do about this unless there are some forests on the board which will allow you to get 6"+ in to them and thus be able to shoot without being shot. Even then things like the AFP require no LOS so that won't always work. But hey no unit is perfect.

And I will say that no matter what form your Kroot squad takes be it 10 minimum and cheap or maximum with staying power, they are rarely going to dissapoint you.

My current 2000 point lists usually run 2x10 strong units and one massive unit at 188 points with no shaper and that right there gives me 48 warm bodies(who hit in CC like assault marines) on the board with 40 AP6 bolters and all for only 328 points. And oh yeah they all infiltrate.

Not to shabby for some hired mercs. Besides Kroot outdo Firewarriors in terms of offensive MEQ kill efficiency(points per kill). And wih some 4+ cover they should be defensive enough to test any opponent who wants to get are you fragile Tau.
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Default Re: New to kroot

I think I have a pretty good idea about how to use kroot now. Thanks everybody.

From what I gather they seem to be decently good against MEQ simply due to numbers. what about fighting more meaty armies like the orks, guard, and nid? Right now I have no problem slashing through most ork and guard armies with a mech or suit heavy army. Would kroot be really worth taking against these kind of armies or would fire warriors be more efficient? Pulse rifles, along with a marker light or two, can do some good damage to any short range troop squad with a five armor save. ;D

I just played against a necron player just last weekend and was thinking. Cron are both tough and come in numbers. Are cron the anti kroot?
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Default Re: New to kroot

Nah Kroot are the anti Cron since they go first in combat and hit harder they typically can tie up Cron units in CC and since even basic Cron warriors cost more than twice what a Kroot costs you can usually just win by attrition in that case especially with the larger full Kroot unit.

As far as 5+ save armies go, Kroot are still effective.

Basically think of Kroot as the best buy in the game in terms of offense so t hey always dish out the hurt. They have no armor save that is true but when you consider gaurdsmen and many nids don't have one either in the face of mere bolters, shooting at least comes down to cover saves anyway and in forest terrain, a common cover type, the Kroot are king with no difficult terrain checks, 12" sight, and a 4+ save.

In CC Kroot are again an offensive powerhouse hitting exactly as hard as assault marines with close combat weapons with WS4, STR4, and 2 attacks base. However, the Kroot have only initiative 3 so cover again is very important as it gives them first strike or in the case of frag grenades equal footing at least first round. In CC Kroot have no save whatsoever so only enter CC judiciously and try and shoot as much as possible thus forcing your enemy to charge you and root them out.

I can't tell you how many 10 man assault marine squads a 10 man Kroot unit has reduced to non scoring status in two rounds of shooting(usually one regular then one rapid fire) then subsequently held fast for many rounds killing several more of them and bringing them to only a few guys left. Sure the Kroot usually get sweeping advanced sooner or later since they die so fast in CC but assault marines cost about 3 times as much as the Kroot and are a lot more dangerous to your crisis suits and FW's than most people care to think about.

So they not only usually make back their points most of the time they make way more than their cost back(double or more sometimes) while at the same time providing invaluable speed bumps to fast assaulters, pushback against enemy infiltrators, and if your opponent completely ignores them, scoring units in all the right places.

The morale of this rant can be summarised in a simple statement: "Kroot: Don't Leave Home Without Em"

-my 2.5 cents

P.S. The other statement I was kicking around was "Kroot: It Does an Army Good" but I wasn't sure if people would get the milk reference.
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Default Re: New to kroot

Reasons Kroot will slaughter necrons:

1.) Location. Kroot start off wherever they want on the board, so can have the pick of prime real estate when it comes to determining cover. By the same token, this means that the necrons have fewer chances to gauss them off on the way in.

2.) Bodies. Kroot can and will outnumber necrons on a regular basis (especially if you soften them up with some pulse fire on the way in), thus inflicting massive leadership penalties in close combat: As much as -5 if you can outnumber 4:1 and reduce them below half.

3.) Initiative. This is by far the most important stat for any close-combat unit: if you can hold a higher initiative than your opponent, then he must not only roll higher just to get away, but hope that YOU don't roll high (with a one point difference, you will automatically catch them on a 5+). If the hounds are the majority initiative, then their measily I2 makes you catch them on a 3+ with your I5, and at best a 1/3 chance to get away when you roll a 1. If they are destroyed by these means and there are no other units nearby, then no get-back ups for mister Cron ;D .
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