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The Kor'Or'Vesh, my BFG fleet
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Default The Kor'Or'Vesh, my BFG fleet

Well i just splurged half of my returned security deposit on my first BFG fleet, the Kor'Or'Vesh.

Two Custodians, Two Protectors, Two Emissaries, Three Castellans (I will be picking up wardens later)

I just had my first BFG game today as well.

The Tau utterly ROCKED Chaos. It took halfway into the game for them to get anything close enough to my Custodians to start shooting, and by then, they were already so damaged that Manta runs destroyed them.

Also: For those who may think it, the Emissary is REMARKABLY effective. Unlike its bigger counterpart, the Protector, it has a huge number of battery shots, combined with fighter wings for protection against torps and bombers. It may seem weak, but it is easily the soft spoken voice of reason backed up with massive guns of aggression.

The Castellans, and I assume the wardens, are ablative shielding with fancy guns on top. Mostly designed to suck up hits before your bigger guns do. IF the enemy is foolish to ignore them, they suddenly have large numbers of gravitic launchers and lance weaponry to deal with.

Just like the Kor'Vattra, the Kor'Or'Vesh dominate in the ordinance phase. Controllable torpedos, huge numbers of carrier ships (everything but the escort craft), and the 4+ save throwing Manta Missile Destroyers spells the doom for any enemy craft.

In the shooting phase, they are about as average as they could get, and like the Kor'Vattra, depend heavily on escorts to bring their number of shots up to imperial standards. Make no mistake though, they easily beat the Kor'Vattra in number of weapons/strength at the sacrifice of hits, where they typically have less. The Tau escorts (not niscaar or Demiurg) are virtually the same as their Kor'Vattra counterparts, aside from turret placement.

Sadly, the Tau utterly lack any sort of boarding action (which is freaking stupid... anyone would love to throw squads of crisis and stealth suits into enemy ships!!), so if you want that, get a Kroot Warsphere (who are just as good at it as space marines) or Demirug.

On the whole, i highly suggest this fleet to anyone looking at BFG.
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Default Re: The Kor'Or'Vesh, my BFG fleet

Nice little write up.
You sir, belong here: http://www.battlefleetfury.proboards37.com/index.cgi
That being Rezzy's BFG forum, where we discuss all things BFG.


I had, in fact, overlooked Emissary class ships due to their inability to launch Mantas, and the fact that they are essentially only light cruisers.
Might have to try some out.
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Default Re: The Kor'Or'Vesh, my BFG fleet

Their advantage lies solely in their large numbers of battery fire (specifically, they have as much added together as a Custodian!) and the fighter screen they provide.

I felt the same way until i tried them

They are pretty, AND deadly
Never underestimate stupid people in large numbers.
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