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Shield Drones and Casualties
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Default Shield Drones and Casualties

I know that shield drones are supposed to guard against incoming attacks, but that they are regarded as bodies of the unit that they are in.

I played a game on the weekend and had a Hive Tyrant assault my Broadside with 1 shield drone. The Tyrant managed 3 wounds on the unit and this is how I reconciled the wounds:

- 2 wounds to the shield drone (1st and 3rd wound)
- 1 wound to the Broadside (2nd wound)

This gives a wound to the BS since it cannot armour save (MC wound) and the shield drone got 2 inv. saves.

Is this is the correct use of shield drones? All wounds need to be spread over the unit before the shield drones can start taking another wound.

I am just making sure that I did this correctly so that I am not shafting the other players that I face.
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Default Re: Shield Drones and Casualties

Yes, that should be the correct method. You are allowed to allocate wounds to anyone, as long as it is in some kind of order and one at a time, and the models have the same T and Sv. Just keep in mind though that if you fail the first Inv Sv on the SD, than the leftover wound goes to the Broadside, because they have the same T and Sv.
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