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Cleanse Missions
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Default Cleanse Missions

So I played a game the other night against Tyranids. I had a reasonable idea of where I would concentrate my fire and how I would deploy. We rolled for mission - "1". All of a sudden my plans go out the window because of deploying in table quarters. :P

I decide to make the best of it, but as we deploy I am realizing that there are genestealers and a Winged Tyrant dangerously close to my lines, simply due to the nature of deployment in Cleanse. This is what I had:

Ninja'O - FB, PR, stims, VRT
3x Stealths w/TA
1x Deathrain
1x Deathrain
12x Fire Warriors in Warfish
8x Fire Warriors on Foot w/Markerlight
8x Pathfinders in Warfish
1x Broadside, A.S.S. + 2x Shield Drones
3x Sniper Drones

I deployed in an "L" pattern, as far away as possible from the advancing forces and set up 2 fire bases, the bulk of my force lined up down the middle of the board. In the end, I lost, mostly due to some bad decisions, but this got me thinking about Cleanse missions.

How do you feel it is best to deploy and operate in this mission? Do you huddle in the back and move along table edges? Do you hold your suits to DS since you have more of the table to land into? I am still finding my groove with Tau (its a big adjustment from playing Tyranids...) and I would appreciate any advice you could provide.

NOTE: The Pathfinders actually lasted until the end of the game, passing cover saves and morale checks in good order. They were actually very instrumental in whittling down the tide.
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Default Re: Cleanse Missions

well, against tyranids, why you have a ninja'o is beyond me...

in a cleanse generally you take a heavy support and place it 6" away from the center to push the opponent back a bit. then, said heavy support unit gets out of dodge.

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Default Re: Cleanse Missions

I notice you are running 3 sniper drones. This is perfect for cleanse since you can deploy one of the 3 teams as close to the center(6" I believe) and this will force the other army to deploy 12" from the center since no unit can be deployed within 18" of an enemy model in cleanse.

So unless he got first deploy and happened to do the same thing with one of his Carnifexes or whatnot then you should add at least a turn worth of space in between you army and your opponents.

And all you had to sacrifice was a single 80 point non scoring sniper drone team who incidindently makes excellent bait.

But thats just what I do since I run 3 sniper teams as well so I hope it helps you out somewhat.

Edit: Gah Shasocrisis you beat me to the punch!
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Default Re: Cleanse Missions

I have a Ninja'O because that is my commander and don't tailor my lists just to beat my opponent.* And I knew what they had available since it was my own Tyranids that they used.* The original intent was to tie up gaunts, but plans changed quickly...*

My opponents deployed 24 genestealers (3 broods of 8 ) as close to the middle as possible, with the Tyrant close behind.* This was on the left part of their deployment zone.* On the right flank, they put 16 gaunts, 2 units of 3 Warriors, 2 Zoanthropes and the Sniperfex.* There were 2 Biovore and another unit of gaunts in the back of the board that were forgotten in the rush.* My intent with the Ninja'O was to engage the Carnifex, hit the gaunts in CC to tie them up and Hit and Run to the flank or the back field, creating a crossfire.* The problem was the Tyrant.* If I did not look to engage it within the first 2 turns, it would hit my lines hard.

I spread my Snipers out across the rear edges of my deployment zone, Fire Warriors in Warfish in the middle (they were there first and allowed the push back), broadside as close to the middle as possible, another unit of Fire Warriors on the flank (left )board edge, one Deathrain in the middle behind cover to JSJ, Pathfinders along the Broadside to get LoS on the larger group coming up the middle. One Deathrain I held in reserve to DS where needed and the Stealths infiltrated in the quarter next to me.* My commander I ended up placing close to the FW Warfish because I was hoping to respond appropriately to their movement.

Interestingly enough I was able to do the 18" pushback because of the Fire Warriors in the Warfish.* I don't know if I would sacrifice anything on purpose simply because of how much they outnumbered me.* I liked that the Warfish in the middle/front was able to zip away, but I made too many mistakes to overcome.

In the end, enemy units just moved too fast for me to compensate.* I unloaded a FoF to eliminate a unit of genestealers only to have another unit hit me next turn.* I think I should have kept them in the 'fish and scooted to the back of the board.* I should have made them chase me until turn 3 and then started hitting units hard.* This would have separated the fast from the slow and allowed me to hit targets more precisely.* My commander tried to kill the Tyrant with Fusion and Plasma, only to have it wounded in CC and, after a Hit and Run, get rended to pieces by genestealers that consolidated into the disembarked Fire Warriors. >_<*

The other thing that was exasperating was that it seemed that the Tyranid units would always break from CC in my assault phase, giving them extra movement as they consolidate and then free to select a new target.* They were never left out in the open for me to respond with some shooting.* Those are the breaks I guess.

This I will say; if you are playing Tyranids and you have Sniper Drones, Tyranid Warriors drop in no time.* They are gold when it comes to taking down these units.*

I am still getting used to focusing fire in the most efficient places.* The Pathfinders performed very well, but I chose poor targets for them at times and ended up wasting many Markerlight counters.

Lessons learned and I hope to do better next time.* I would appreciate feedback if you think I could have used these units better.* Thanks.
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