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kroot mercs in a tau force????
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Default kroot mercs in a tau force????

i am a tau player, and am looking to start a kroot merc force. but i have been told, that it is not allowed, currently.

my questions is this:

can i use kroot mercs with my tau force in apocalypse? that would be soooooo cool! and i'm sure it could be made fluffy!
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Default Re: kroot mercs in a tau force????

I doubt it.

Why would Tau hire kroot mercenary? Since:
a) kroot are already an auxiliairy force of the Tau, so why hire mercenaries;
b) Kroot mercenary are frown upon by the tau (which would like the kroot to stop such activity).

So although I havent seen the apocalypse codex, I don't think we will ever see kroot mercenary forces within the tau army.
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Default Re: kroot mercs in a tau force????

Of course you can. Considering you can use ANY units from ANY armies in the same army in Apocalypse (providing you're within the point limit), using Kroot Mercs with Tau would be one of the LEAST drastic things you could do.
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Default Re: kroot mercs in a tau force????

Yes. It is both allowable and fluffy. In an engagement of that size, it would be hard for the Kroot not to call in all of their resources.
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Default Re: kroot mercs in a tau force????

Yeah in regular games kroot mercs are not allowed with Tau (one of the few), for fluff (kroot want to hide their mercenary tendancies) and game quality (teaming any close combat army with Tau becomes overpowered).

Soo apocalypse. Oh yeah. There really are no ally rules there. Once the points climb so high, the armies become pretty abstract anyway. They mention that "you better have a good reason for your alliances," but that's mainly for fanboys whose reality cannot accept that different shapes of toy soldiers should ever be on the same side of a board.

Do it. Kroot mercenaries are a very characterful list, and apocalypse would give you the freedom to use them...
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Default Re: kroot mercs in a tau force????

Bloody Brilliant, I have an excuse now to build my own kroot merc. army that I can finally use with my Tau (if I ever get to play Apocalypse that is). Your a genius Yosh. (FYI, yea I think it's okay to use kroot merc. with Tau in Apocalypse ). And here I was thinking the best you could do is run Farsight without any restrictions anymore.
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Default Re: kroot mercs in a tau force????


In Apocalypse you can finally play the two together!

This has made me decide to make a Kroot Merc list myself to use beside my Tau in any Apocalypse games.

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